NiftyVille Exclusive Exotic Car Sale Starts Soon — When Lambo?

The blockchain-based online game NiftyVille is set to launch its exotic car sale in just a couple of days. Members of the NiftyVille community will be able to buy tokenized sports cars which will come in six different designs.

Only 999 will be available for minting and 100 of them will be given for free to some lucky whitelist pass holders. The price for the remaining 899 is set at $400 worth of Ethereum each. At the time of writing that is around 0.125 ETH.

At midnight on January 10, they will examine wallets to identify who is holding NiftyVille Exotic Whitelist passes. They advise holders to ensure their pass is in their wallet for this time.

The private sale will start on January 28th and any remaining cars will be for available on public sale 24 hours later.

The cars will come in six different colors: white, red, black, blue, orange, and grey.

Information for Whitelist Pass Holders

The team gave specific information to pass holders in order to be able to take part in the private sale.

Onessus will be snapshotting wallets to determine which ones have the 100 Whitelist passes at midnight EST on January 10. If you want to be included in the private sale the Whitelist pass must be in your wallet at this time – it will also be acceptable if you are staking it on WhenStaking.

They will then be sending an NFT with all instructions needed the following day. This NFT needs to be sent back with an Ethereum address and email in the memo by January 18.

Any cars not sold in the private sale will become available in the public sale 24 hours later.

When Lambo?

“When Lambo?” has been an oft-heard phrase in the crypto community, and even more in the NiftyVille community since they announced the tokenized Lamborghini back in October 2021. We finally have an answer!

Every purchase made on OpenSea will also serve as a bid for an actual Lamborghini. Seven days after all 999 are sold the top holder will receive an NFT which can be redeemed for a 2017 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder (or $200,000 cash or crypto if owning a Lambo is not your thing).

What is NiftyVille?

NiftyVille is a play-to-earn open-world MMO.  The game will offer players all kinds of opportunities for action-packed gameplay, ranging from demolition derbies to street races and zombie parties. There will be events initiated by the developers, but players can also organize their own events.

Players will be able to have their own business inside NiftyVille, and they can take on any role they desire. Players can own shops, which means they can earn NiftyCoins and the opportunity to sell exclusive NFTs. For example, buy a car dealership and you will receive exotic car NFTs available only to you.

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