Victoria VR is building a photorealistic metaverse

Victoria VR Gameplay Scenes

Blockchain-powered, Victoria VR, is pitching itself to be the future 3D internet.  The project team is building with Unreal Engine 5 and players will be able to access utilizing VR headsets such as Oculus.

Fully integrated with Epic Games’ MetaHuman it supports photorealistic player avatars.  MetaHuman is part of Epic Games’ 1 billion dollar investment in metaverse technology. It allows anybody to create photorealistic characters with just a few clicks in minutes.  Victoria VR hasn’t released their interface yet, but if you want to see exactly how easy Metahumans is to use, you can try it out here

Not only are avatars photorealistic but the game will include special features such as horns and wings.  Players can obtain these by completing in-game quests.  During quests, players may also find special abilities such as flying or immortality.

Players will be able to dress their character and unique wearable NFTs will be available.  Wearable NFTs may also grant special abilities or privileges.

Upcoming Land Sale

Land Sale

As with a lot of metaverse projects, Victoria VR will feature land which players can purchase.  The project recently announced that their land sale will take place on December 23rd and to participate users will require VR Tokens.  Players with land can build houses, galleries, schools, advertising billboards, or even a business.  They can also use Land to mine, and store resources found in Victoria VR.  Players can trade, sell, or lease their land titles.

Victoria VR Token

Players use VR Token in-game which is the native token within Victoria VR.  Using Tokens in-game, players can purchase land, buy items, receive rewards, lease land, and conduct other transactions.  Staking will be enabled on December 14, 2021, as recently announced by the project team.  Based on the whitepaper, the first APY will be between 18-20%, depending on how and where tokens are purchased.  Staking terms will be fixed between one month and five years.

The project team aims to support the play-to-earn ecosystem with the following forms of revenue:

  • A % of all in-game item purchases
  • The sale of VR Lands (50% Rewards Pool / 50% Development)
  • Sponsored development for brands
  • In-game advertisements

The VR token also enables participation in the DAO.

Player Focus and DAO Governance

The project has a focus on community utilizing a DAO structure.  They also state that they aim to allow anyone to create content without prior programming knowledge or experience.  Interestingly, quests within the game will include Edu-Quests.  This is to educate the general gamer community on NFT’s, staking, yield farming, flash loans, and other crypto-related topics.  The project team seems genuinely interested in supporting the crypto-gaming sector.

For those interested to know more you may wish to read the whitepaper.

What is Victoria VR?

Victoria VR is a promising virtual reality blockchain-based metaverse project.  The project aims to build an MMORPG that utilizes the Unreal Engine to provide photorealistic experiences for players. Prague-based Ondřej Dobruský (CEO) and Adam Bém (COO) founded Victoria VR.

There is currently no publicly available build of the Victoria VR Metaverse but you can purchase VR Tokens or participate in the upcoming Land sale. The Victoria VR team is expected to launch an alpha version in Q1 2022, with a public release shortly after in Q1 2022.

For more information visit their website.

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