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TryHards TRY Token Now on the Market

tryhards character artwork

TryHards has launched their TRY token, and you can now acquire TRY through various exchanges. Within 24 hours since the token’s launch, the price increased 2220% from its presale price. The team used various launchpads to make sure many gamers could get their hands on the token early, and now the developers will prepare for NFT drops and gameplay!

The past weeks have been tense for the TryHards community as everybody wanted to get their hands on the TRY token. Now the token is on the market, and trading has begun. While various launchpads have a vesting period, all that extra liquidity will enter the market over time. Traders that want to jump into the TryHards universe, can buy the TRY token from two leading exchanges:

How to earn TRY token in TryHards

Have the TRY token from the public market is great, but you can also earn TRY through TryHards itself. In TryHards players will control Fantatics, the game characters. Each of the four factions also offers four different characters with unique skills. These NFT characters come in different rarities. In addition these heroes carry NFT weapons, which also come in different rarities.

Depending on the so-called Universe Power of your NFT assets, you can stake them and earn TRY tokens as a passive earning mechanic. If you want to earn TRY tokens through active gameplay, you need to beat your opponents in PVP or battle waves of enemies in the PVE mode.

And how will you use your TRY tokens? Well, you can stake it or provide liquidity to earn Crystals. You will need to lock these tokens for a period of time.

What’s coming to TryHards?

Now that the TRY token has hit the market, it’s also time to look ahead. What will happen to the TryHards universe in the weeks and months to come? Before the end of the year the team will allow players to open lootboxes, craft Crystals, level up their NFTs, earn staking rewards and trade their assets on the marketplace. They will announce more details on each of these developments soon. In addition TryHards will have land sales before the end of the year, according to the official roadmap.

For the beginning of next year, there’s a whole lot more planned. It will start with the release of an alpha version of the game, giving the community a taste of what’s to come. The team will build from there: introducing the world map, adding new game features, PVE battles, PVP battles and a practice arena. Things will get even more interesting after March 2021, when the team will introduce boss fights and expand the game’s metaverse a whole lot more.

So what is TryHards?

TryHards is a top-down shooter in which players use NFT character to battle monsters or each other. The game takes place on Planet X, a destroyed version of planet Earth. The year is 1337 after the Satoshi Massacre, and factions that first fled from the destroyed planet are now coming back to claim it. That’s where the NFT character, the Fanatics, come into play.

Optimizing your gameplay with fitting weapons and characters can become beneficial, because TryHards will have a play-to-earn economy. Higher level characters will also unlock new powers, similar to progress mechanics in traditional games. NFT owners can also stake their assets for passive income, and of course a valuable or rare asset will have enhanced staking power.

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