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Whitelisting for TryHards TRY Token IDO Now Open

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The upcoming top-down shooter TryHards has opened whitelisting for its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) across a variety of launchpads, allowing the public to invest early in their TRY token. Starting from November 18th until November 23rd, the IDO for TryHards will take place on DuckStarter, PolkaBridge, ProStarter, Seedify and one more mysterious launchpad.

TryHards will introduce the TRY token. Players will use TRY tokens to upgrade their characters, while they can also earn it through in-game missions and PVP tournaments. Each character has its own unique attributes, and their rarity and skill-rating determine their power.

Blockchain projects use an IDO or Initial DEX Offering to reward early believers with tokens. The general public can buy a couple of hundred dollars worth of tokens, before the token gets listed on exchanges. Investors will then have the option to either sell their investment, or perhaps buy the dip that generally always happens after such a token launch. Depending on the project, there’s a vesting period and tokens get distributed to buyers over time. For example, you receive 25% of your purchase per month.

The TryHards TRY token IDO calendar

TryHards TRY tokenomics

TryHards will exist on the Polygon blockchain, securing itself fast and cheap transactions. The game will use Chainlink for truly randomized NFT drops, making sure the entire game is fair and accessible. At the core of this ecosystem players will find the TRY token. This IDO token launch will just be the first step in a variety of token activities opening up before the end of the year. There will be an NFT marketplace, mechanics to level up and craft items, staking tokens for passive income, land sales and much more. Now let’s move a bit deeper into the tokenomics.

There will only be a total supply of 200.000.000 TRY. The team has already sold 62 million TRY tokens through its earlier investment rounds and private sale. During the IDO they will sell another 5% of the supply, 10 million tokens. These will sell for $0.09 each. The remaining supply will be split as follows:

Team, Dev & Advisors
27.000.000 (13.5%)

Team – 15.000.000 (7.5%)
Advisors – 12.000.000 (6.0%)

Community & Gamers
69.000.000 (34.5%)

Airdrop – 2.000.000 (1%)
Play2earn – 35.000.000 (17.5%)
Staking – 32.000.000 (16%)

Game Economy
32.000.000 (16%)

Dex liquidity – 3.000.000 (1.5%)
Developm. – 15.000.000 (7.5%)
Treasury – 14.000.000 (7.0%)

The Community & Gamers category would allow anybody to earn in the TryHards community. However, the get TRY token rewards from the Game Economy side, you would need to lock away your existing holdings. For example, to recThe Community & Gamers category would allow anybody to earn in the TryHards community. However, the get TRY token rewards from the Community & Gamers side, you would need to lock away your existing holdings. For example, to receive staking rewards you will need Fanatic & weapon NFT’s which are automatically staked.

Providing liquidity on a DEX will also need you to lock away TRY tokens together with BNB or MATIC. Providing liquidity will reward you with Crystals which can level up your champion. One might argue that the Game Economy rewards are meant for users that are more familiar with blockchain technology and DeFi.

So what is TryHards?

TryHards is a top-down shooter in which players use NFT character to battle monsters or each other. The game takes place on Planet X, a destroyed version of planet Earth. The year is 1337 after the Satoshi Massacre, and factions that first fled from the destroyed planet are now coming back to claim it. That’s where the NFT character, the Fanatics, come into play.

Optimizing your gameplay with fitting weapons and characters can become beneficial, because TryHards will have a play-to-earn economy. Higher level characters will also unlock new powers, similar to progress mechanics in traditional games. NFT owners can also stake their assets for passive income, and of course a valuable or rare asset will have enhanced staking power.

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