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Play, Win and Earn in Top-Down Shooter TryHards

tryhards screenshot early footage

The top-down shooter TryHards is the latest to completely embrace the play-to-earn economy, giving players ownership and allow them to earn from their in-game activity. Players own characters and weapons, they can level them up, and earn rewards for completing missions. TryHards taps into the Polygon blockchain, and is preparing to launch its first batch of tokens onto the market.

In TryHards players pick NFT characters from one of various factions to battle in the Planet X universe. Each character has its own unique attributes, and their rarity and skill-rating determine their power. The game will offer both 1v1 PVP battles and PVE campaign missions, where players can earn TRY tokens. In addition the action-packed game will offer a 2v2 mode to battle with your friends against others.

In the coming weeks there will be more news about the TRY token, as TryHards will have its Initial DEX Offering (IDO). Furthermore, the token will launch on one or more exchanges, allowing players to invest early in the game. TryHards will become a mobile and desktop top-down shooter, and everybody active in their ecosystem can earn from their participation.

Check out the official TryHards website for more details.

What is TryHards?

TryHards is a top-down shooter in which players use NFT character to battle monsters or each other. The game takes place on Planet X, a destroyed version of planet Earth. The year is 1337 after the Satoshi Massacre, and factions that first fled from the destroyed planet are now coming back to claim it. That’s where the NFT character, the Fanatics, come into play.

Tryhards is an NFT-based blockchain shooter powered by the Polygon network. All characters and weapons in the game come in the form of NFTs. TryHards will offer an integrated marketplace where players can trade their weapons and characters. This way players can acquire the characters and weapons that fit their favorite style of gameplay.

Optimizing your gameplay with fitting weapons and characters can become beneficial, because TryHards will have a play-to-earn economy. Players can earn by defeating monsters, score high on the leaderboards and completing missions. They will find crystals of different rarities, which players can then use to upgrade weapon of character NFTs.

Higher level characters will also unlock new powers, similar to progress mechanics in traditional games. NFT owners can also stake their assets for passive income, and of course a valuable or rare asset will have enhanced staking power. The more Universe Power someone has, the more they can earn through staking.

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