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Zepeto and The Sandbox Announce NFT Interoperability

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The Sandbox is working with avatar service Zepeto to have their NFTs work across their respective virtual worlds. Players will be able to use the exact same asset, the same NFT on the blockchain, across multiple parallel gaming or social universes. Both Zepeto and The Sandbox will create a 3D space in their respective virtual worlds where an exclusive series of Zepeto NFTs, including wearables, art, and decorations, can be used.

Zepeto is a virtual world platform from South Korea, which has 200 million registered users in its two years of existence. The company is a subsidiary of Naver, the countries biggest tech conglomerate. The partnership with The Sandbox highlights a first effort for cross-world interoperability for digital assets. The Sandbox describes the collaboration as a ‘first illustration of the metaverse concept’. Both Zepeto and The Sandbox aim to contribute to advancing interoperability across platform in the metaverse.

The collaboration isn’t only about making some NFTs compatible. The Sandbox will build and maintain a space inside the world of Zepeto, while Zepeto World is coming to The Sandbox. It’s here where users will be able to interact with these cross-world NFTs.

The Sandbox will organize the first sale of these NFTs on May 12th at 1PM UTC on the official The Sandbox Marketplace. They will sell 970 NFTs, but buyers can only use SAND tokens. In addition they will sell two Z-Human character NFTs in a 24-hour auction on OpenSea.

What is interoperability?

Interoperability refers to the ability of computer systems to exchange and use each others information. Gamers often talk about cross-platform gaming, which is a form of interoperability. In blockchain gaming we refer to the ability to use individual game assets in multiple games.

When we talk about blockchain games, their individual non-fungible tokens already provide a sense of interoperability. Players who acquire items in one game can sell them on a marketplace, and then buy new items for another game. It’s a very basic form of interoperability, but one concept that’s crucial for the blockchain market.

Interoperability can also be taken one step further. A token on the blockchain can do different things in different games. Players can for example use a virtual shirt in multiple games. Another example would be that one particular token is a sword in one game and a vehicle in the other. Learn more about interoperability!

What is the metaverse?

The metaverse is the air we all breath no matter where we go. The metaverse is inclusive, and it doesn’t discriminate or limit. In the metaverse there is no space for walls and borders, because the tools that make the metaverse are there to break those borders down. Those who build walls, ultimately will remove themselves from the metaverse, while the metaverse will just continue without them. The metaverse is open, interoperable and persistent. Let’s get into that a bit deeper.

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