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Animoca Will Make Play-to-Earn Olympic Games

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Animoca Brands and game studio Nway are working on two games based on the Olympic Games, and both support synchronous online multiplayer, cross-platform gameplay and play-to-earn mechanics. During Flow Fest the developers revealed the first details about their Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics game and the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics game.

Both games based on the two upcoming Olympics will allow players to compete on both PC and mobile devices. Animoca Brands and Nway will release the Olympic games on the Flow blockchain. They will use NFTs, and also offer play-to-earn opportunities. Players will for example need to accumulate points to be eligible to win NFT boxes. Of course players can trade the boxes or its contents on a marketplace.

Among the NFTs there will be collectible pins, similar to the already released collectibles. Yes, the already existing Olympic pin NFTs will also have utility in the game. Furthermore there will be avatars with in-game utility. Players who collect complete sets will receive special perks, but details on these perks are stilling missing in action.

More details about these play-to-earn mechanics are lacking, but we can imagine a bit. Each of these Olympic games will likely offer various mini-games, allowing players to set scores. Rankings or the player’s cumulative score could determine whether players will win an NFT. For example, you need to run 200 km in-game to win a reward, or your fastest race in a certain week need to be below a certain time threshold.

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