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Thetan Arena Now Available in Open Beta

Thetan Arena Marketplace BSC BNB

Thetan Arena, one of the most anticipated battle arena games on BSC, has launched an open beta on both Android and iOS. This test version doesn’t feature any play-to-earn mechanics, but allows players to get familiar with the gameplay. The full game will launch next month.

During the beta test, players will receive tokens to get an idea on how the marketplace for Thetan Arena will work. Players can buy and sell heroes freely using WBNB, and buy Thetan boxes using THC or THG tokens. This all runs on the Binance Smart Chain testnet!

Furthermore, players can win actual rewards if they connect their wallets and become a top 3 player. In addition there are rewards for those who submit bugs in the bug bounty campaign.

Players who’ve been active in the alpha test, will now find more social options in the game. You can for example add friends and use voice chat.

How to play Thetan Arena Open Beta

Install Metamask in your desktop browser. Then make sure you add Binance Smart Chain testnet to your Metamask:

  • Network name: BSC testnet
  • New PRC URL:
  • Chain ID: 97
  • Currency symbol: BNB
  • Block explorer URL:

Now go to the Thetan Arena Marketplace, and connect your wallet. Then login with Metamask, make sure your wallet has been switched to BSC testnet. After that you will need to make a Game Account. When you later login the mobile version, use the same login credentials!

Download Thetan Arena for iOS using Testflight, or get the Android version here.

What is Thetan Arena, tell me more!

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Thetan Arena is a multiplayer online battle arena game, which everybody will be able to play and enjoy. The game will use NFTs to give players ownership over game characters and certain items. In addition there will be two types of tokens. Players earn Thetan Coins through gameplay, and can spend this on for example NFTs. In addition there will be Thetan Gem, which serves more as a governance token.

The competitive game launched in October in an open beta on Android, iOS and PC. Next year they will also introduce a battle royale mode, cosmetics and guilds. After that there will be guild quests, pets and token staking. Further in the future we can expect features like guild wars, co-op modes, integrated tournaments and seasonal content.

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