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Final Spirit Packs Sale for Breeders on Wax Blockchain

breeders wax nft card game

Breeders, an in-development game on the Wax blockchain about galactic conflict among genetically-engineered beings, announced the second and final sale of their Spirit packs. A Brazilian development team called NEWAY is working on Breeders. They planned a beta launch for January 2022. The Spirit Pack sale starts on July 31st, at 5PM UTC.

Created in the sixth dimension, the Spirits each provide temporary combat bonuses to your other creatures. Two factions exist in this game world. The Confederates, who seek to bring back peace, and the Dracos who are trying to manipulate the cosmos and merge dimensions and generally muck things up!

The first round of Breeders’ pack sales sold out quickly. And though they originally planned a third sale, they cancelled it. This is the last time these packs will be sold by NEWAY. After this, Spirit packs will only be available on third party markets.

Breeders NFT staking

Up next in the development phase for Breeders: the staking system. Players stake their cards and choose to receive rewards, which they will receive in Essentia tokens or Mystery Boxes. Mystery Boxes contain NFTs that players can use in the game. Holders of Essentia participate in public votes about the game development.

Wax has proven to be a serious challenger when it comes to blockchain gaming. Though many of the games we see on Wax are not as intricate as those on other blockchains, we can’t ignore the volume of funds contributed to pre-sales and early NFT releases. Alien Worlds and R-Planet have proven that play-to-earn can work on Wax, and developers are flocking to add their games to the mix. If you’re interested in play-to-earn, blockchain gaming, and/or game development, keep an eye on what’s happening on Wax!

What is Breeders?

Breeders is an upcoming NFT-based game built on the WAX blockchain. In it, players explore planets, discover new races, and engage in battles with other Breeders. The whitepaper promises free to play and play to earn opportunities, PvP battles as well as single-player missions, and their own staking system. Details on all of these features are generally lacking, but together they make an enticing package.

Players purchase planets, build star bases, and use Essentia Cores to upgrade their creatures. As with most blockchain games, Breeders will have its own token called Essentia. Essentia is their governance and utility token. An updated whitepaper and another pack sale with heroes and weapons will both arrive later this year.

Breeders is just the first in what NEWAY hopes will be a stable of games in a shared universe.

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