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Gods Unchained Getting Ready for Open Test of New Expansion

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The developers of the trading card game Gods Unchained are working hard on Divine Order, the second expansion for the blockchain-powered card game. In a development update they told the community that they hope to make the expansion playable on the Public Test Realm (PTR) in the coming weeks.

Divine Order is the direct sequel to Trial of the Gods, which had champions struggle through tasks set by the gods. The tests had a purpose, and that purpose will be revealed in Divine Order. The team already revealed a list of all the upcoming cards and new god powers, so gamers who are totally into deck building… this Excel sheet is for you!

In addition the team is working to enable direct purchases. Right now gamers can trade their NFTs with each other, but with the launch of the next expansion they need to buy packs from the developers. In addition, this feature will allow the team to distribute for example the Weekend Ranked rewards much easier.

With the upcoming update in mind, the team has been making updates to the Core set. In addition they’ve been squashing bugs. In addition they will show more about the mobile version of Gods Unchained before the end of the year. We mentioned the mobile app before.

What about play-to-earn and GODS

One of the biggest requests from the Gods Unchained community, is the reopening of the Forge. This will allow players to combine cards and create a prettier and rarer version. You will even earn non-blockchain cards, and you can then forge them onto the blockchain. Immutable is looking at the best way to reintroduce the Forge, before they will launch the GODS token.

The GODS token will become the governance token of Gods Unchained, and players will need GODS to forge cards. But the team isn’t that far yet. They are now finalizing the whitepaper, so we can expect more information soon. With GODS they want to reward early supporters, but they also want to have a sustainable model to allow users to stake their tokens. Essentially GODS will flow into all elements of Gods Unchained, adding all kinds of play-to-earn mechanics. We talked about the GODS token before.

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a collectible card game built on the Ethereum blockchain, but it uses the Immutable X layer-2 solution. The blockchain stores all ownership of the cards, giving players full ownership over their own set of cards. Players earn digital cards by playing the game. When they have two identical cards they can mint these into one blockchain-based card. We call these cards non-fungible tokens, and the owners can trade, sell, or use them in the game itself.

Future game mechanics will allow users to create limited edition cards from older cards, making existing cards more rare. In addition Gods Unchained can be enjoyed free-to-play, while players are able to earn cards by being active players. True play-to-earn mechanics there!

Read our guide to learn how to play Gods Unchained.

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