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Formula E Car Auction Coming to Binance

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On August 26th at 4PM UTC Animoca will launch an auction on the Featured by Binance marketplace for 24 Formula E: High Voltage car NFTs. Each of these cars have the legendary status, are first edition, have the #1 chassis number, and can only be bought using BNB.

Each of the legendary Formula E car NFTs can be used in the game. However, these aren’t the rarest assets. Similar to F1 Delta Time, the Apex tier is on top, followed by the Legendary tier. After that there’s Epic, Rare and Common. However, a legendary vehicles will give players access to the top tier races. This would maximize the ability to focus on the play-to-earn mechanics of the racing game.

Formula E is one of the games in Animoca’s REVV ecosystem. This means that players will earn REVV through their in-game performances.

In Formula E: High Voltage you’re not driving the cars, but instead you will be the team manager. As a team manager or team principal, you will need to make strategic decisions before the race. That decision will impact the car’s performance. Animoca expects to launch Formula E: High Voltage during Q4 2021.

The Formula E auction on Featured by Binance will start on August 26th, and ends on September 2nd.

What is Formula E: High Voltage

Formula E: High Voltage is a racing management game by Animoca Brands, using the license of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championships. In this official racing sports competitors combine the act of racing with a gaming element. Interactive features allow fans to give their driver a virtual boost in the race, while attack mode is an interactive part of the track that provides a boost. It’s basically Formula 1 racing with real cars, but with added mushrooms from Mario Kart.

The Formula E blockchain game has collectible elements, which will include cars, drivers and tracks. You are the Team Principal, making strategic decisions on how to develop your own Formula E Team and manage it to compete in a series of all-electric racing events. Through play-to-earn mechanics players generate earnings based on their performance.

Where Formula E: High Voltage becomes interesting, is with the introduction of the Skill system. Only top-tier cars and drives from the epic, legendary and apex quality receive a special ability called Skill. This ability allows them to temporarily enhance certain stats. For example, Slipstream allows players to accelerate their speed by 10% for 10 seconds, and there’s a 10% it gets triggered. Attack Mode and Energy Management are the key to victory, and every Formula E: High Voltage team manager must take them into account when preparing their strategy. 

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