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Axie Infinity Gives More SLP Rewards to PVP Players

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Axie Infinity has changed their reward system, providing more SLP rewards for players climbing the leaderboards. On the other hand, the rewards for singleplayer adventure mode and the daily quests have been halved. Sky Mavis wants to reward players who put in effort.

The amount of SLP gamers can earn from the Adventure Mode has been halved. There’s now a limit of 50 SLP per day, which is approximately $10. The daily quest reward now gives 25 SLP instead of 50, while rewards from competitive gameplay will increase at a steeper rate as the player’s rating improves. This way Sky Mavis wants to motivate unexperienced players to dive into the battle arena and start competitive gameplay.

These changes in rewards launched together with the 18th competitive season for Axie Infinity. This new competitive season will be 50% longer than previous seasons. In addition there will be more rewards, as now the top 1,000 players will win prizes. They have added $200,000 worth of AXS tokens to the prize pool. The number one of the competition will win 225 AXS, or $9,000. While the number 1,000 will get 1 AXS, or $66 at the current rates.

While Sky Mavis added more rewards to the game, they’ve also changed the fees for breeding. Instead of paying 4 AXS to breed, players now need to pay 2 AXS to make baby Axies. In addition players will need SLP tokens, but the amount depends on the Axie’s breeding experience. The more experienced they are, the more SLP gamers will need. As a result breeding an Axie will now cost at least $175.

What is Axie Infinity again?

Let’s quickly talk a bit about Axie Infinity. The tactical battle game uses its own, native Ronin sidechain. In the game players need to use 3 Axie NFTs to battle opponents and earn Smooth Love Potions (SLP). Players need to use SLP to breed new Axies. In addition parent Axies can only breed children a limited amount of times. SLP has a demand, while the floor price for an Axie NFT is right now more than $200. In short, you need three $200 Axies to play and earn SLP tokens.

Earning SLP tokens has become a source of income for people in developing countries. Among those countries the Philippines is leading the pack. The organization and economics behind this, is also becoming more professional. Third party organizations like Yield Guild Games are building tools and communities to really turn people into gamers earning income by playing Axie Infinity.

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