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Dark Country Land Sale Takes Place Next Week

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Dark Country will launch their land sale on the Flow blockchain next week on Thursday May 13th. The first round of the land pre-sale will start at 3PM UTC, and a second round will start one hour after the first round. However, this will only happen if any land is left.

Gamers who are interested in buying a piece of virtual land, will need to have at least 7 FLOW tokens in their Blocto wallet account. In addition it’s important to note that only whitelisted registrants are able to join the sale. The whitelisting process can be found on the official website by pressing the Join Whitelist button. The developers emphasize the sales can only happen when using the Blocto wallet.

dark country land packs

Being whitelisted doesn’t guarantee anybody that they are actually able to buy. There’s only a limited amount of 2,500 land packs for sale. Players can only buy 5 packs of one type per account, and those who’re interested can reserve a maximum of 15 packs. In addition the first 300 buyers from the whitelist will get a special bonus card pack containing 5 random Dark Country cards.

In addition, Flow users will be able to find exclusive vampire cards in their land packs. This vampire set is limited to 50 different cards with a total supply of 50,000.

Land gameplay in Dark Country

Dark Country works across different blockchains, and on the world map every continent represents one particular blockchain. When a new chains gets added, a new continent will appear. On these continents there will be lands, which give players access to resources. Every continent consists out of 10,000 land plots, and only 4,000 will go to players. The remaining 6,000 will be used for activities organized by the developers.

All lands have their own unique set of buildings that landowners can build and upgrade. Doing so will improve gameplay abilities, as heroes can get a buff, or farming income will increase. The closer a piece of land is to the center of the continent, the better and more valuable it will be. 

As a landowner there are active and passive activities for owning land NFTs. You could rent your land to someone and receive a passive income. However, you could also receive a share of the in-game rewards from player adventures. When landowners start building on their land, it will become more interesting. An alchemy lab is perfect for creating potions, taverns provide quests, blacksmith make weapons and for those good trades players can go to the black market. Earning a revenue share from all sales here, is part of the game. Learn more about earning Shadow Dimes, the in-game cryptocurrency, in this article.

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