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Dark Country Adding Land and Play-to-Earn

Dark country land

Trading card game Dark Country will add another layer of gameplay to their gaming universe by introducing land and the Shadow Dimes currency. There will be a world map with continents and lands, where landowners and players can earn a new currency. There’s no release date yet, but Immortal Games has shared lots of details about the way land will impact the trading card game.

Dark Country works across different blockchains, and on the world map every continent represents one particular blockchain. When a new chains gets added, a new continent will appear. On these continents there will be lands, which give players access to resources. Every continent consists out of 10,000 land plots, and only 4,000 will go to players. The remaining 6,000 will be used for activities organized by the developers.

All lands have their own unique set of buildings that landowners can build and upgrade. Doing so will improve gameplay abilities, as heroes can get a buff, or farming income will increase. The closer a piece of land is to the center of the continent, the better and more valuable it will be. A common land will have a normal farming rate, while an epic one is labeled as ‘very fast’. At the center of the game world there are 10 mythic lands, which promise ultra fast farming.

What can you do with land?

As a landowner there are active and passive activities for owning land NFTs. You could rent your land to someone and receive a passive income. However, you could also receive a share of the in-game rewards from player adventures. When landowners start building on their land, it will become more interesting. An alchemy lab is perfect for creating potions, taverns provide quests, blacksmith make weapons and for those good trades players can go to the black market. Earning a revenue share from all sales here, is part of the game.

At the same time lands add a whole range of new gameplay options. Players could complete quests, discover random adventures, or defeat portal beasts for extra points. In addition players can use land to upgrade their cards, and of course visit the buildings made by landowners to craft new clothes, weapons and scrolls.

Shadow Dimes: the SDM token

Every day landowners earn Shadow Dimes, or SDM tokens. At the heart of the continent there’s the Dark Portal, from where the tokens get distributed. Based on their land, the development of it, and the in-game activity, landowners earn SDM tokens. Players also earn SDM tokens for completing quests. They can then use these coins to upgrade building, acquire new cards, and upgrade existing ones. The introduction of the Shadow Dimes is the biggest play-to-earn mechanic that’s they are adding to the game.

To create certain buildings, to craft items or prepare a hero character for quests and adventures, players will need resources like food, wood, etc. These resources are produced by buildings on land or players can purchase them with Shadow Dimes. In addition they can be earned through gameplay, by completing quests and adventures.

What is Dark Country?

Dark Country is a trading card game on the Wax blockchain. The game combines elements from classic western movies with the occult. The Chief tried to call upon the ancestral guard, but instead woke an ancient evil. Now there are four groups, with cowboys, criminals, Indians, and undead demons. Players pick one of these groups for their hero powers and build decks with the cards in their inventory.

The Exodus card series was sold during the pre-sale. These cards come with a mechanic called Inspire. The more inspire-cards a player has, the more powerful the abilities of the Natives become. Each faction has ten inspire-cards, while the neutrals have sixty.

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