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Guild of Guardians Shares Details on NFT Founder Sale

guild of guardians NFT founder sale

When Immutable and Stepico launch the NFT Founder Sale for their mobile action role playing game Guild of Guardians, there will be a couple of items: Guilds, Heroes, Pets & Energy Boosters. Each of these NFTs has a different purpose in the game. The Founder Sale will take place soon, but no date has been mentioned yet.

If you’re interested in Guild of Guardians, you might want to know what to buy. Frankly, you will definitely need a hero. Once you’re in the game, you will need to join a Guild to start making the most of your in-game activities. However, each guild needs to be bought. You can either do that yourself, or join someone else’s guild. A guild leader can earn passive income based on crafting sales by their guild members. Pets and boosters are basically buffs to enhance either your loot drops or extend your play time.

The more serious you want to dive into Guild of Guardians, the more likely it will be that you will spend more. For now, the minimum investment would be $12,50. However, if you want to be a bit serious, you buy a couple of heroes, and some pets. This would already increase the investment to $200 for 4 rare heroes and 2 pets. Doubling that amount could get you your own guild. Let’s take a deeper look at what each of these NFTs do.


Heroes are probably the most sought after. During the pre-sale they will sell exclusive heroes that will never be issued again. These heroes come in three different rarities: Legendary ($250), Epic ($55) and Rare ($12,50). However, players will be a ‘summon’, which has a small chance of giving a hero of a higher rarity. In addition each hero has a chance of becoming a special edition, giving it a nice skin. Furthermore there’s 1 mythic edition skin per hero. They will cap the supply of summons, but didn’t provide any details on that yet.

Players will use Heroes to battle monsters and complete quests in the world of Guild of Guardians. Heroes have several characteristics: faction, class and element. Each of these determine the way these heroes can be used in combat, and influence the rewards a player will receive. In total there are 35 different heroes that are part of the Founder Sale. Players will need multiple heroes to make a team and enhance their gameplay. Having the ability to switch heroes based on the task at hand, could be a benefit.


Playing together is a big part of the Guild of Guardians experience. Some NFTs or rewards can only be earned when you play together, craft and battle as a guild. A guild can only be established when you own the Guild NFT. Guild Leaders not only lead their team, but also earn a percentage of all crafting sales by guild members. It’s very likely that everybody will need to be part of a guild in order to find and earn the best rewards. Crafting is ONLY available when you’re part of a guild.

The developers are introducing four different tiers of guilds. Higher tier guilds allow for more players to be a part of it. In addition guild leaders can earn a higher percentage of the sales from these high tier guilds. As a guild players can battle other guilds to for example be the first to craft a super rare item. This can win them exclusive leaderboard prizes. In addition Guilds offer players access to Game Modes that are only available to members of the guild. These modes offer various challenges, and allow gamers to earn unique and rare rewards.

  • Adventurers Guild – 20 members, and the guild leader gets 1% of every guild crafting sale. These cost $200 ($160 for early birds) and there are 2,000 available.
  • Warriors Guild – 30 spots, and the guild leader takes 2.5% of every sale.
    Price tag $4,000 ($3,200 for early birds) and only 200 available
  • Legends Guilds – 40 guild members, while the leader takes 5% of every sale.
    $20,000 ($16,000 for early birds), and only 50 available
  • Mythic Guild – 50 spots, and gives the leader 10% of every guild crafting sale.
    A hefty $100,000 ($80,000 for early birds) price tag, and only 10 available in the whole game

Frankly, the current setup has place for 48,500 gamers to be part of a guild. Immutable and Stepico already communicate their idea to mint more Adventurers Guilds or to create a basic tier Guild Token. These plans have not been set in stone. However, it’s clear to me that the current supply of spots in guilds will fill up pretty fast. The developers communicate that there are 130,000 gamers waiting for their game to be released.

Pets & Boosters

The third and fourth NFT Founder Sale items are the Pets and Boosters. Pets can be equipped in battle to give players a drop boost. For example, bonus drops or a higher chance to find good loot. There are three classes. Workers provide passive generation of crafting resources, while Scouts increase item drop chances in dungeons. Furthermore Hunters increase the rewards of completing a dungeon.

Pet summons will cost $75 ($60 for early birds), and players will get 1 pet with a random rarity. In total there are four rarities, influencing the boost itself. In total there are 12 pets. You’ve got a 60% for a common pet, 27% for a rare one, 10% to pull and epic, and 3% for a legendary.

At the same time Energy Boosters help heroes to maintain their energy levels. Heroes without these boosters, can only do a limit amount of dungeon runs per day. However, an Energy Booster gives players more run per day, meaning that heroes can level up faster. These Energy Boosters cost $150, or $120 for early birds. For your info, you can’t stack these boosters.

Guild of Guardians gameplay explained

Guild of Guardians will offer a singleplayer campaign in which you control a team of heroes. Most likely there will be four heroes in each squad, but players only control one at the time. The computer controls the others. Most likely players can switch their characters, but they didn’t elaborate on this topic much.

Even though the game features singleplayer, they promote it a lot as a cooperative game. In co-op raids players can work together, using their own characters, to beat a single boss. These will have the best loot. Guild raids require coordination to succeed and for example the power level or class of a character can influence the outcome. Each participants in a successful raid is rewarded, and therefore communication and strategy can be considered key.

Based on your team, some monsters are easier to beat than others. The composition of a team is important to counter passive buffs, debuffs and spells. While player buffs can also help team members to overcome challenges. There are also team buffs, for example by having a group of characters from the same class. For combat they got inspiration from games like Diablo, Hades and other popular dungeon crawlers. Dodging, light and heavy attacks, attack combos, and ultimate attacks need to make combat fun and intuitive.

What is Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is a mobile action role playing game. It taps into a play-to-earn business model, where those who play actively can sell their rewards to other players. Gamers will have full ownership over their in-game items, summons and characters. Expect things like ranged attacks, melee and area-of-effect spells.

Aside from the solo dungeon crawling, Guild of Guardians will also offer players the opportunity to play together. Together with friends or guild members, players can battle legendary bosses for even greater rewards. Guild of Guardians will run on Immutable X, allowing NFTs to be earned and traded free of charge.

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