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Guild of Guardians Founder NFTs Coming Soon

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Game studio Stepico and publisher Immutable have revealed their plans for founder NFTs coming to their upcoming mobile role playing game Guild of Guardians. They are planning to launch the first phase of their NFT sale somewhere in April or May this year, with more sale moments happening later in the year.

On their blog they revealed that the Guild of Guardians NFT will offer some variety. In addition the platform will use a randomizer, so the serial number that’s assigned to you will be a surprise. NFTs won’t be distributed instantly, but will be made available through Immutable X at a later date. The developers aren’t applying a serious bonding curve, as they ‘are looking for genuine supporters of the project’, instead of buyers who FOMO into the game.

Guild of Guardians will offer several kinds items for sale. They didn’t provide a lot of details yet.

  • Heroes – these are the characters you play with
  • Pets – cute, and give the hero a boost of some sort
  • Energy boosters – Apparently some sort of consumable that enables the player to do something better
  • Guilds – Take ownership over a guild, lead your friends, and get bonus treasure

The developers officially revealed their game three weeks ago.

What is Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is a mobile action role playing game. It taps into a play-to-earn business model, where those who play actively can sell their rewards to other players. Gamers will have full ownership over their in-game items, summons and characters. Gameplay is promising to be fast-paced and action oriented. Expect things like ranged attacks, melee and area-of-effect spells.

Aside from the solo dungeon crawling, Guild of Guardians will also offer players the opportunity to play together. Together with friends or guild members, players can battle legendary bosses for even greater rewards.

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