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Onessus Revealed Plans Hodl God and VOID Token

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Onessus, the team behind the blockchain-powered action game Hodl God, has revealed the whitepaper for the game’s native VOID token. This whitepaper also covers a number of other topics, such as their belief in blockchain and NFTs. They think that blockchain technology is currently underutilized in many areas.

Onessus seeks to build an entire dapp ecosystem. This ecosystem includes games, a market, a staking system, and an eSports community, called GEEC or Global Economic Esports Community. Interestingly enough, they say that their VOID market will be a ‘decentralized, open marketplace for the trading of everything’, not just blockchain items.

They also want their market to include cross-chain functionality. In addition they discuss a decentralized escrow system, where anyone can offer their services as an escrow agent. In a way, this is a logical next step in the world of decentralized finance, as it’s a service seemingly lacking in the blockchain space.

The developers also plan to implement their own staking system called NFT-fi. This name will soon be changed to avoid confusion with similar named products. Here players can stake game NFTs and collectibles to earn rewards. Pay-to-win is dead and play-to-earn is the future!

A closer look at VOID

At the heart of these systems lies the VOID token. HodlGod players with VOID tokens unlock the potential for additional in-game drops, market sellers stake VOID as credit/collateral and have their items placed higher in the search results, and collectors receive first access to sales when holding a certain amount of VOID.

The VOID token will also be central to any future applications created by Onessus. VOID tokens can purchased on the Alcor exchange, earned by playing and streaming HodlGod, or found in certain NFT chests. By burning the NFTs you can unlock the VOID tokens.

What is HodlGod?

HodlGod is a 3D, PvP game in a fantasy setting utilizing NFTs on the WAX blockchain for tradeable, cosmetic upgrades.

In HodlGod players compete in Arena Mode, a 10-player battle royale in which the last man standing is the ultimate winner, or engage in Purgatory Mode, a play-to-earn model where 2-player teams battle it out across four stages in both PvE and PvP combat. Purgatory Mode will require a $1 entry fee, but allows players to earn back that fee plus much more if they can survive to the later stages.

Players can currently earn special NFTs and VOID tokens by participating in the arena and/or streaming their battles

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