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Wear Atari Shoes in The Sandbox and Decentraland

RTFKT Studios x Atari sneakers The Sandbox NFT

RTFKT Studios and Atari are launching digital sneaker NFTs that can also be used in virtual worlds like The Sandbox and Decentraland. Starting from 1PM EST or 6PM UTC these sneakers will go for sale in limited amounts on SuperRare and Rarible. These are part of the so-called Metaverse Drop.

Buyers will acquire a virtual sneaker that can be applied as a visual layer through augmented reality apps. Think about Instagram filters for example. Even though these sneakers are only computer data and pixels, users can still wear them. Each of these digital shoes comes with a version that can be used inside The Sandbox or Decentraland.

Digital fashion is slowly hitting mainstream as celebrities already signed up to collaborate with Genies. Not that long ago Shawn Mendes released some digital clothing for Genies avatars through OpenSea. Recently we’ve also seen Adidas experiment in this space, while Atari already had some digital dresses.

RTFKT, or Artifact, is a pioneering fashion company with a passion for sneakers. In November last year they already sold a sneaker designed through artificial intelligence and the bidding activity by fans and collectors. This original sneaker was both physical and digital.

However, the ones that go for sale today aren’t physical. That’s why they call it The Metaverse Drop.

Digital fashion more relevant

At the moment digital fashion is a small business, but many people are working on it. As society is moving more into virtual environments, the need for digital representation is growing. Therefore having an avatar that looks good, could potentially be very important in the future. As a result digital fashion plays a crucial role here.

In blockchain-powered worlds like for example Somnium Space, Decentraland and Cryptovoxels the concept of wearables and digital fashion is growing in popularity. Even the iconic fashion brand Gucci is keeping an eye on the developments in this space. In addition Cryptovoxels recently announced their move to Polygon, allowing cheaper creation of wearables. In November games publisher Bandai Namco invested in avatar company Genies, underlining the potential for the personalization of digital identities.

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