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NBA Top Shot Issues Apology to Community

NBA Top Shot Holo legendary pack

The first drop of Holo packs for the Series 2 of NBA Top Shot didn’t go as planned, and therefore Dapper Labs issued an apology. People who joined the first test for the queue drop process on Friday were able to bypass the queue on Saturday. “This is not what we meant to happen, we now know why it happened, and it will not happen again”, Dapper Labs wrote.

They compare the problem with a night club where the bouncer says a stap and automatically gives someone access, without noticing that the stamp is from the day before. Dapper Labs has issued an apology and vowed to communicate more and better with the NBA Top Shot community.

“We will continue exploring ways to make the pack drop process fair”, they said. As the 999 dollar packs attracted 25 thousand interested customers, while the supply was extremely limited. In total there were 2331 Holo packs available, which have been bought by just as many collectors.

According to a report by DappRadar NBA Top Shot had more than 40 million dollars in trading volume in January alone. That doesn’t include primary sales. The most expensive collectible moments now sell for $100.000.

Why NBA Top Shot is so hot right now

The strength of the project is twofold. First of all Dapper Labs made the Flow blockchain so that it’s easy to join NBA Top Shot. Users will have no problems with private keys and gas fees. Many users are praising the interface made by Dapper Labs on social media.

Second, these digital collectibles are officially licensed by the NBA. They are the real deal and feature stars like for example LeBron James, Spencer Dinwiddie and many more. These collectibles come in different rarities. Because of this prices for collectibles go from 1 dollar all the way to a couple of thousand dollars. Many collectors want to get in early, before the mainstream audience comes in and really pumps prices.

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