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NBA Top Shot LeBron James Collectible Sold for $26.543

lebron james nba top shot sales

An anonymous NBA Top Shot user bought a Legendary LeBron James collectible moment from the Cosmic Series 1 set for $26.643. There are 49 editions of this collectible, and the sale set a new peer-to-peer trading record in the marketplace of NBA Top Shot. In total there are 49 editions of this particular LeBron James collectible moment.

Collectible moments from NBA history come in different packs and rarities. The more expensive the packs, the more rare the cards are. Value from these collectibles are driven by historical significance and in particular by the player pictured. Some trade in the stars from now, while other take a gamble on the stars of the future.

This sale of a LeBron James collectible doesn’t stand on its own. Moments featuring The King have been popular ever since NBA Top Shot launched its beta version. Earlier this week one moment changed hands for almost 18 thousand dollars, while NBA Top Shot set a trading record of 250 thousand dollars in 24 hours.

Collected moments can be kept or sold to somebody else who’s interested. Rare versions of big stars like LeBron James sell for thousands of dollars. However, the majority of cards on the marketplace cost between one and fifty dollars. This makes collecting moments in NBA Top Shot very accessible for everybody.

The digital collectibles based on the American basketball competition have quite some backing. Not only are they officially licensed, several professional basketball players have invested in Dapper Labs to support the project.

Built on Flow

Dapper Labs has created NBA Top Shot on their own Flow blockchain. Flow is a proof-of-stake blockchain. This means that nodes hosted based on economic wealth instead of computing power. The Flow network introduces five different nodes, which means the workload will be split between them. Each node is a bit different and they all compliment each other. As a result everybody can help to build the network, ranging from home computers to data centers.

For regular users it will be easy to use Flow. There won’t be any transaction fees. As a result this makes breeding Cryptokitties and sending someone in-game assets a lot more user friendly. Aside from Dapper Labs own projects Cryptokitties and NBA Top Shot, there are more games coming to Flow. Among them is Chainmonsters, a Pokémon-inspired online game.

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