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Flow Blockchain Supports Celebrity and Fashion Avatars

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Avatar platform Genies will be using the Flow blockchain to create and customize three-dimensional avatars, including a first one based on Justin Bieber. The singer used his Genies avatar to announce a new Christmas album on Amazon Music. He could potentially issue digital clothes signed by him when someone buys his album.

Genies is a company that uses virtual characters to bring celebrities closer to their fans. Perfect now that all those concerts have been cancelled. These avatars can wear digitally unique clothes can users can buy, sell and trade them.

When Genies launches its avatars on the Flow blockchain, celebrities aren’t the only ones who are able to create avatars. Everybody can. The developers describe Genies as a portable virtual identity that users can use across different virtual worlds/games/software packages. Yes, it’s basically an SDK.

Avatars top of mind in blockchain space

Last week Somnium Space announced that they allow putting avatars on the blockchain and selling them. At the same time there are efforts happening to create an universal standard for avatars. These would then work in Somnium Space, Cryptovoxels and VR Chat without any issues.

Last month I wrote an article about how a digital identity is more than just an avatar. On the blockchain an avatar connects with everything you do and have done.

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