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Improved Cryptokitties Coming to Flow Blockchain

Cryptokitties Flow blockchain header artwork

Dapper Labs has confirmed that an improved version of their blockchain collectible game Cryptokitties will release on their upcoming Flow blockchain. The kitties will be visually more attractive and will have more metadata. They named the project Cryptokitties on Flow, and it should demonstrate the chain’s capabilities in comparison with Ethereum.

Visually the game is moving away from its flat two-dimensional roots. Instead they designed the kitties with more visual depth and detail. Technically the Flow blockchain will bring many more changes to Cryptokitties. “They’ll get upgraded powers, and will be able to be used on all kinds of Flow applications”, CEO Roham Gharegozlou told

While breeding on the Ethereum blockchain costs money, the Flow blockchain doesn’t use transaction fees. Despite these differences, there will be backwards-compatibility. Users will be able to breed kitties from either of the two blockchains. However, the new kitty will live to the Flow blockchain.

Cryptokitties and more moving to Flow

Despite the on-going support for the classic Ethereum version of Cryptokitties, ideally Dapper Labs will see everybody migrate to Flow. According to the studio will have one million dollars in tokens available as an incentive for Cryptokitties players.

In addition the company has funding available for studios that want to build on Flow. Decentralized apps that use the Cryptokitties tokens or other games are able to get an undisclosed amount of funding. One of the games that’s coming to Flow is Chainmonsters, the Pokemon-inspired online role playing game by B-Side Games.

What is Cryptokitties?

Cryptokitties is a blockchain-based game that involves the purchase, collection, breeding and selling of digital cats. Every cat features different attributes that make them unique and they cannot be replicated. Because of their uniqueness, trading Cryptokitties is quite a big business.

For example, in September 2018 someone paid 600 ETH for a kitten called Dragon. That’s the equivalent of 170 thousand dollars. In addition the first kitten ever, Genesis, is worth over 246 ETH.

In a world full of blockchain games, Cryptokitties is the godfather. Because this is the game that started the concept of ownership over digital assets. It was the first to use the Ethereum token standard ERC-721 and make a successful ‘game’ out of it.

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