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Dr Seuss Coming to Flow Blockchain

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Dapper Labs is bringing collectibles from the Dr Seuss universe to their upcoming Flow blockchain. Collectors will soon be able to acquire digital collectibles based on Cat in the Hat, Lorax and of course the Grinch. The complete collection will feature both characters and locations from the famous children books.

Every digital collectible is secured in a smart contract on the Flow blockchain. This way collectors can be sure that their digital item is unique and has a certain rarity. They haven’t made any details public about their digital collectibles. However, once everything has sold out, collectors will need to rely on the secondary market.

At the moment the Dr Seuss collectibles don’t have any utility besides that fact that they can be bought, collected and traded. However, developers can create new features and games around the existing collectibles, giving them a new purpose. This is a long-term value proposition for digital assets on the blockchain.

Dr Seuss is not the first brand to join Flow. This new blockchain is created by the developers of Cryptokitties, so they will be bringing their own feline collectibles to the new blockchain. In addition they partnered with the NBA, working on NBA Top Shot. At the same time third-party developers are also making games, including Chainmonsters from the German studio B-Side Games.

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