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The Six Dragons Gets Playstation License

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Studio boss Savvas Lazopoulos has announced that Blockpegnio, the studio behind the blockchain-powered role playing game The Six Dragons, is now a licensed Playstation partner. This means that the open-world RPG is likely to release on the Playstation 4 and the upcoming Playstation 5.

“After months of hard work we are now Playstation partners”, Lazopoulos tweeted. Not every game studio can make games for a gaming console. Developers need to get a license before a platform holder like Sony or Microsoft allows them to make this step.

Being a Playstation Partner, studios get access to support and testing teams. In addition Playstation can provide marketing assistance. Most importantly, developers can publish their games on the Playstation Store. This is the digital marketplace where companies sell their digital games.

The holy grail of console gaming

It’s relatively easy for game developers to publish a game on mobile platforms or on PC. However, the consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are often seen as a holy grail. It’s a rite of passage to be able to launch your game on the Playstation, Nintendo Switch or Xbox consoles. However, financially these aren’t the strongest moves.

A lot more people have access to smartphones. According to research from Newzoo almost half of the total gaming market will be mobile in 2022. PC gaming will be responsible for 23 percent of the market revenue, followed by console gaming with 31 percent.

From that perspective it would be better to see mobile gaming as the holy grail. However, The Six Dragons is not coming to mobile devices. The open world role playing game compares best with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Dragon Age Inquisition. Blockpegnio has tailored this game experience for an immersive big screen experience, either on PC or console.

Blockchain and next generation consoles

The new generation of gaming consoles are not going to be dedicated blockchain gaming consoles. However, we will see more blockchain-powered games coming to these systems. The Six Dragons is just one of multiple projects looking at console gaming experiences.

B-side Games from Germany is working on a Pokémon-inspired adventure called Chainmonsters. Their game uses the Flow blockchain and is coming to Steam, iOS and Android. In addition these games will come to consoles. The studio hasn’t made any detailed announcements yet.

Both Sony and Microsoft have been avoiding the word blockchain in their communication. However, Atari is showing that there’s a demand. Their upcoming Atari VCS console ties in strongly into the blockchain space. Distribution platform Ultra will be incorporated, while the company is also launching its own Atari Token.

What is The Six Dragons?

The Six Dragons is an open-world role playing game, build using the Enjin blockchain. Because of this the game allows players ownership over every item they find, create or buy inside or outside the game. Adventurers can dive into an open world filled with randomly generated dungeons, or gamers can become a trader and sell their goods to other players.

Players get to discover 64km2 of open-world, full of surprises, one billion dungeons, and items to craft that they will truly own. Adventurers without arrows in their knee, get to participate in a player-owned, decentralized economy with real-world value.

To be able to create items and resources, players will need to own the recipe. As soon as players have the necessary materials, an item can be crafted. They can do this at crafting station. Here the game checks whether the players owns the needed assets. After the blockchain confirms the transaction, the player will receive a newly created item. This is all done in-game. In addition players can manage their items using the Enjin wallet on their phone.

Even though The Six Dragons is a singleplayer game, its economy is still online. This means that players can trade their acquired items on open marketplaces, and in addition enhance these items as well. As a matter of fact, players could potentially make it their virtual profession to enhance items and sell them back on the market. Play-to-earn mechanics are available inside The Six Dragons.

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