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Robot Cache Integrates Atari Token

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Game distribution platform Robot Cache will integrate Atari Token into its digital storefront to allow gamers to buy and resell digital games. Every customer buying or selling a game through the platform, will be able to use the upcoming Atari Token. Robot Cache and Atari announced their partnership earlier this week.

“We are pleased to announce the integration of the Atari Token into Robot Cache’s unique offerings that benefit both customers and the creators of some of today’s best video games,” said Fred Chesnais, Atari CEO. “Our goal is to make the Atari Token a ubiquitous digital currency. With the addition of Robot Cache to our list of top-notch partners, we are a significant step closer to realizing that vision.”

Robot Cache has been operating for quite some time already. Their blockchain-powered online platform gives developers a 95 percent fee, compared with the 70 percent on Steam. Developers even get 70 percent of a resale through the platform, while users get 25 percent. As a result Robot Cache takes 5 percent on every transaction.

What is Atari Token?

Atari Token is an upcoming native currency for an online gaming and luck-based ecosystem. The game company wants to integrate their token into as many gaming products as possible. For example, Atari already is owner of a variety of gaming websites.

One of the things they will do, is to allow the token to be used in Atari’s own games. They will offer games inspired and based on popular licenses like Pong, Missile Command and other brands owned by Atari. For example, Atari signed an agreement for the music game Invector, the company also has a license for Rollercoaster Tycoon, while it owns classic brands like Centipede and Asteroids.

These platforms will give Atari fifty percent of the revenue. However, Atari isn’t the only owner over the Atari Token. Both Atari and the ICICB Group have ownership over Gibraltar-based Atari Chain Ltd. They currently are doing a token pre-sale. In the current pre-sale tokens cost $0.08. They are aiming for a public sale starting this summer.

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