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Metamask Launched On iOS and Android Devices

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Cryptocurrency wallet and web 3.0-service Metamask has launched on iOS and Android devices. It’s the long awaited arrival of the app, which has been in a closed beta test since December last year. Consensys announced the availability of Metamask on mobile devices.

Metamask for Android and iOS is a native mobile application. Users can interact with decentralized applications by selecting them from a list. In addition there’s the ability to add a dapp through its URL. Connecting the mobile app to your desktop extension is easily done by scanning a QR code. It’s also important to note that hardware wallets are not supported by the app.

Even though Apple has been denying crypto wallets with built-in dapp browsers for a long time, it seems like the company changed its philosophy a bit. For the first time users will be able to buy Ethereum straight from the Metamask app by using Apple Pay.

People who are already knee-deep in the trenches of blockchain gaming, are very familiar with Metamask. Users often see the tool as the go-to option for interacting with decentralized applications. They use Metamask to play blockchain games, buy crypto art, use and acquire non-fungible tokens and trade with other users.

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Metamask has an history on mobile

Metamask has been on Android devices before. In December last year Google removed their app from the Google Play Store. They labelled the wallet as a ‘mining app’. Google also rejected an appeal by the Metamask team. At that time Metamask had approximately 264 thousand users per month on Android. 

Even though Metamask has never appeared on iOS, there are some examples of other projects. However, many of them have had features removed under pressure of Apple. For example, the Coinbase app removed its Dapp Browser, and the same thing happened to the EOS Wombat wallet. This has everything to do with Apple’s need for a monopoly on applications on its devices. It’s the exact battle that Epic Games is now fighting against Apple with the #FreeFortnite campaign.

EDITORThis article has been updated on September 3rd to reflect the actual launch of the app on iOS.

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