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Wallet Service and Free Transactions for Hash Rush

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The blockchain-powered strategy game Hash Rush will introduce free transactions thanks to a RUSH Gas Station and in addition users will get an improved custom wallet this month. VZ Games has been working with 4ire Labs to create these blockchain services, and which includes the concept of a liquidity pool. However, this always means that RUSH coins will be swapped.

The collaboration with 4ire Labs brought up several issues in the way Hash Rush is dealing with its in-game economy. Now there will be a RUSH Gas Station that provides free transactions for all users, an improved liquidity pool and better scalability towards the future of the game. All this will be incorporated into the Hash Rush Wallet, but the smart contract needed to be upgraded as well. That’s why an in-game swap will take place, changing the old tokens for the ones on the new smart contract.

Hash Rush now in beta

Hash Rush launched last month in an open beta. This new version of the game offers all kinds of improvements as well as features like for example a crafting system and an improved combat system. In addition the game now offers a true play-to-earn game mechanic with its own Rush Coin. However, this is the coin that will be swapped.

During the Hash Rush beta players can earn RUSH by completing in-game quests and challenges. RUSH is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Gamers can use the token to buy in-game currencies and items. Players can also buy RUSH from the store.

What is Hash Rush?

Hash Rush is a real-time strategy game that allows gamers to compete for items, resources and Rush coins. Players work to establish a crystal mining colony on different planets. They can attack enemies to gain more crystals and other rewards. In turn they need to defend their own crystals from threats by building and strengthening their mining colonies.

In Hash Rush a brand-new unexplored planet with mines and deadly secrets. Ernacks are the hard-workers of Hash Rush, they mine crystals, build mines, defend your base, and defeat monsters. Gathering resources is the key to success, and this can be done by mining and defeating monsters. Resources are needed to build a base, while different units are available for different purposes.

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