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Ten Thousand Gamers Playing Hash Rush

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Hash Rush has reach a major milestone as now ten thousand players have made an account and played the game. The milestone comes at a moment the game is making some significant changes to the core gameplay. In addition some plans in regards to the implementation of blockchain-powered mechanics have been revised.

In the first week of August Hash Rush launched into open beta, and within a few days the strategy game attracted one thousand players. Three weeks later the numbers have increased tenfold. Ten thousand gamers have played Hash Rush.

Big changes to the game

Game studio VZ Games will remove the Colony Levels entirely from the game. Originally they used it as a way to unlock buildings, but progression was very slow. Instead buildings will now be unlocked by upgrading the Voyager Bastion from level 1, to level 2 and 3.

Galaxy Points on the other hand, will remain vital for the core economy of the game. However, players will no longer be able to convert Crystals into Galaxy Points. Because they also removed the Colony Levels, these Crystals currently have no use case. VZ Games will update the crafting system and add the Crystals as a resource, but that’s something for a future update.

In addition the studio made changes to combat and resource gathering, while also adding new planets with more challenges. More details about this in the official blog.

Significant changes to Rush Coin

Based on community feedback VZ Games has decided to make some big changes to the way players can use Rush Coin in the game. First of all the game store will not sell the token. In addition the earlier idea of Hermeian Credits will not be added to the game.

Instead the team is embracing the concept of decentralized finance. They are creating a Rush Coin Liquidity Pool. Players who have Rush Coin can offer it for sale, while those who are looking for some RUSH will be able to buy it. This will be 100 percent based on peer-to-peer trading.

Gamers can earn RUSH in the game through challenges, quests and completing planets. This gives Hash Rush a true play-to-earn mechanic. VZ Games will partner with an Ethereum-based solution that allows for easier on-boarding. Which parties will be involved, is not yet known. Recently Matic Network and Arkane Network have made the news by offering similar services to users.

What is Hash Rush?

Hash Rush is a real-time strategy game that allows gamers to compete for items, resources and Rush coins. Players work to establish a crystal mining colony on different planets. They can attack enemies to gain more crystals and other rewards. In turn they need to defend their own crystals from threats by building and strengthening their mining colonies.

In Hash Rush a brand-new unexplored planet with mines and deadly secrets. Ernacks are the hard-workers of Hash Rush, they mine crystals, build mines, defend your base, and defeat monsters. Gathering resources is the key to success, and this can be done by mining and defeating monsters. Resources are needed to build a base, while different units are available for different purposes.

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