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Redesigned Hash Rush Looking at RUSH Coin

RUSH Coin token burn Hash Rush

Vorto Gaming has been redesigning their strategy game Hash Rush, and with it the company has taken a new look at their in-game currency RUSH Coin. Even though the game has been playable for some time now, the use of RUSH hasn’t been a focus of the development team. In their latest blog post they announced change is coming.

They want to use RUSH Coin not only as an in-game reward, but also as a currency for the dedicated shop. According to Etherscan there’s 10 million RUSH Coin tokens on the market, stored in 1372 wallets. Vorto Gaming wants to burn a significant share of the supply, mentioning 60 million in their blog post. Yes, that confused me too. Especially since they also write that the amount of RUSH they’ll burn, will be announced later.

In addition they will launch an NFT, pictured as the header of this article. We don’t know whether the NFT has usage in the game, or just serves as a fun memory.

In a way, us burning RUSH is very symbolic. The long-term members of our community will know about the long periods of uncertainty — almost like a cloud looming over us. However, the light is finally here and this giant RUSH-fueled fire is our way of saying ‘the clouds of uncertainty have finally been lifted!

Hash Rush game development update

Thanks to two months of development under the Vorto banner, the team has redesigned Hash Rush. They’ve added improved graphics, a renewed interface and other design elements to the strategy game. Planets are larger, the playing field is now flat instead of spherical, and flying units will be added to the game. The redesigned version of Hash Rush puts a lot more focus on combat.

Hash Rush play-to-earn mechanics

Last month the team announced the merger of VZ Games and PC Gaming Group into Vorto Gaming. That’s also when they revealed their plans to become more like a play-to-earn game. The developers described this future version of the game as ‘a more fine-tuned release’ of the strategy game.

Currently Hash Rush is basically a free-to-play real-time strategy game. The game takes place in the fictional Hermeian galaxy where players build and battle to be successful. Hash Rush will tap into the Vorto Network, connecting the game to a wallet service and integrated marketplace. 

What is Hash Rush?

Hash Rush is a real-time strategy game that allows gamers to compete for items, resources and Rush coins. Players work to establish a crystal mining colony on different planets. They can attack enemies to gain more crystals and other rewards. In turn they need to defend their own crystals from threats by building and strengthening their mining colonies.

In Hash Rush a brand-new unexplored planet with mines and deadly secrets. Ernacks are the hard-workers of Hash Rush, they mine crystals, build mines, defend your base, and defeat monsters. Gathering resources is the key to success, and this can be done by mining and defeating monsters. Resources are needed to build a base, while different units are available for different purposes.

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