Sex.crypto Most Expensive NFT On Secondary Market

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Someone bought the blockchain domain name sex.crypto on the secondary market for 230 ETH, making it the most expensive traded NFT of all time. The domain cost 90 thousand dollars at the time of the trade. According to the Opensea marketplace the trade was the most expensive peer-to-peer exchange on the secondary market for a non-fungible token ever.

Several games have already seen expensive NFTs in the past. Think about the unique cards for Gods Unchained, that sold for more than 30 thousand dollars each. In addition there’s the F1 Delta Time 1-1-1 race car that sold for 113 thousand dollars. However, these were business to consumer sales. The trade of sex.crypto happened between two users.

The buyer of the expensive sex.crypto domain name is known as MaxStealth. His wallet has been active since July this year. Alongside spending 230 ETH on the erotic domain name, the investor also spent money on several other domains. He has acquired 198 domain names over the course of a month. Domains like rockgod.crypto, mistressfindom.crypto, 247poker.crypto, dressforless.crypto and frontdesk.crypto are in his portfolio.

Unstoppable Domains issues these .crypto domains. At a starting price of 40 dollars you can buy a domain name. The blockchain stores ownership over these domains as an non-fungible token on the blockchain. This NFT ends up in the wallet of the owner. Using the website of Unstoppable Domains, you can control and forward to domain to your content. This can be a website hosted on the decentralized web, or an already existing website.

These .crypto domains are not approved by Domain Name Servers. Therefore many browsers don’t support these yet, with the exception of Opera on Android devices. However, install the browser plugin from Unstoppable Domains and you can easily load a domain with a .crypto extension in your regular browser.

What are blockchain domain names?

Blockchain-powered web domain services have been taking the market by storm with their blockchain domains .eth and .crypto. Investors and crypto enthusiasts invested millions of dollars in Ethereum Name Service and their .eth web addresses and the .crypto addresses from Unstoppable Domains.

Intermediaries don’t register blockchain-based domains, instead users have direct control. That means consumer save their yourdomain.eth or yourdomain.crypto in a private crypto wallet. This also means that only users themselves are capable of transferring ownership. 

The result of this is that intermediaries or law enforcement can’t claim ownership over a domain name. This also means that governments can’t order web hosting companies to take down your content. Unless a centralized server is storing the content of course. A blockchain domain name can also be a crypto wallet. For example, people can send bitcoin, litecoin, or ethereum to playtoearn.crypto.

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