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Hash Rush Beta to Introduce Play-to-Earn Model

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Hash Rush will feature a play-to-earn business model when it launches its soft beta on July 28th. VZ Games is implementing Rush Coin not only for in-game purchases, but also as a reward for completing quests and challenges. In addition the beta will bring new features, more content and the long awaited crafting system.

Rush Coin (RUSH) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Gamers can use the token to buy in-game currencies and items. Players can buy RUSH from the store. In addition they can earn it in the game through challenges, quests and completing planets. This gives Hash Rush a true play-to-earn mechanic alongside a more familiar business model.

The developers want to have a lot of control over the Rush Coin in the beginning. But they are planning to ultimately give control to the community. The supply is limited, so therefore there will be a point in time that Rush can no longer be bought from the store.

Introducing crafting

The biggest addition to the game according to the developers is the crafting system. Players will need to explore the planet for crafting resources. In total there are ten different types, ranging from snail slime and road warts to salt sand and ghost wood. These items come in different rarities, and the rarity will influence the power of the final crafted item.

In order to craft something, players also need to find blueprints. These can drop from monsters. When a player has both the blueprint and the needed resources, they are able to craft a tome. Players can only use a blueprint once. During the beta the crafting system ends here, but in the future the tome itself can also be an ingredient for a blueprint.

Galaxy Points coming to Hash Rush

The developers have also made considerable changes to the game. For example, instead of using crystals now Hash Rush is introducing Galaxy Points. This is the new way the leaderboard is being determined. It’s the best indication of a player’s skills. Everybody will automatically join this weekly challenge.

Galaxy Points can be earned by crafting tomes, drops from monsters and converting crystals into GP in the silo. Players can earn crystals by mining them or defeating monsters. In order to convert these shiny stones into GP, there will be a conversion time. Time goes up the more crystals you want to convert.

As players gain more Galaxy Points, they will improve their Colony Level. This can be compared to a skill level, starting at novice and ending at legendary. The drop rate of rarer items increases when players have a higher Colony Level. However, on each planet a player will start at the novice level.

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