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Spells of Genesis Supports Different Blockchains

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Game studio EverdreamSoft has announced a new method to tokenize cards from their game Spells of Genesis onto different blockchains. The company uses a custodian wallet on the Klaytn blockchain that makes bridge between different blockchains. When players mint a card onto the blockchain, it will first be moved to the First Oasis wallet.

In Spells of Genesis players can upgrade cards by merging them. Once they’ve upgraded a card to its highest evolution, it can be tokenized onto the blockchain. Because their system uses First Oasis, players get to choose onto which blockchain they want to mint their card.

Before a card would be moved to an Ethereum or a Bitcoin Counterparty wallet. However, now instead the system moves a newly minted card to a First Oasis address. This address is attached to the wallet players have already provided. As long as wallets are not changed, all cards in First Oasis can be used in-game. However, if a player wants to sell his cards, it needs to be withdrawn to an Ethereum or Counterparty address.

EverdreamSoft advises players to use the Casa Tookan wallet if their assets are on the Bitcoin blockchain. However, Metamask can be used when an asset is on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can connect both a Bitcoin and Ethereum address to the game, allowing them to obtain cards on both blockchains.

Limited minting

Even if you’re a real pro at Spells of Genesis, the amount of cards you can mint onto the blockchain is limited to three per month. The first card costs 200 crystals, which can be obtained through gameplay. The second card costs 35 gems and the third one 150 gems. Gems are the in-game currency for Spells of Genesis.

Spells of Genesis has just reintroduced blockchainization, after the feature was put on hold for a while. EverdreamSoft vowed to take care of all gas fee costs for minting a card onto the blockchain. Until the end of November it’s also free to withdraw cards from the First Oasis to the blockchain. After that, these fees can be paid using BitCrystals.

What is Spells of Genesis?

Spells of Genesis is one of the pioneering games in the blockchain space. It was one of the first mobile games that introduced non-fungible tokens. Instead of Ethereum it used the Bitcoin blockchain for that. Over the years the project was halted, revived and even introduced some play-to-earn mechanics. However, those money making efforts were temporary.

In Spells of Genesis players get to select a number of cards before each game. Each of these cards comes with certain powers. Moving from left to right each card gets a turn. On a turn players get to shoot a ball in an effort to destroy obstacles. Depending on the active card, a certain power is used. For example, fire balls can damage multiple targets while shield provides protection against incoming damage.

Amidst the player turns, hostiles also get to attack. They attack individual cards, which can lead to the infamous ‘game over’ message. Certain player cards work well against certain combinations of enemy powers. That’s why gamers need to obtain a variety of cards at the highest level possible.

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