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Light Trail Rush Now Available on Steam

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B2Expand has launched the space brawler Light Trail Rush on Steam this Monday. The game is currently available for 6 dollars on Steam Early Access. Gamers who buy the game will be able to compete in weekly challenges during which they can win in-game currency or unique skins.

Light Trail Rush is often referred to as a blockchain game, but its gameplay doesn’t require any blockchain. Instead the Ethereum blockchain is used to store very limited edition skins that can be sold and traded on open marketplaces. These skins are purely cosmetic, but there are some collaborations going on with Neon District for example.

Only when players dive deeper into the game, they could potentially get in touch with some blockchain mechanics. Most of the in-game economy uses a different system with two types of currencies; Beam can be earned through gameplay, while Lum are purchasable credits. Both currencies can be used to unlock all kinds of cosmetics. Currently Light Trail Rush offers a first glimpse into a campaign and online multiplayer gameplay.

Many updates for Light Trail Rush

In the past four months Light Trail Rush has gone through many changes. The game is now graphically much prettier thanks to an upgraded Unity engine. In addition the game features a system for experience points and allows players to unlock cosmetic options.

The studio is also selling premium skins through their own shop hosted on Opensea. These are very limited edition, but can only be used for vanity purposes. The skins don’t provide any gameplay advantages. Besides the skins, there are also holograms. These are comparable with the way the decorations work in games like Rocket League.

The team has been teasing many more features. For example, they want to host a competition within their game that allows competitors to win real prizes. In addition it’s highly likely that more customization options will be added to the game.

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