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Social Token COIN Earns Gamers Neon District Items

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By staking the social token COIN gamers will soon be able to obtain unique digital assets for the cyberpunk role playing game Neon District. Gamers can obtain special CRED tokens by first providing trading liquidity on Uniswap, and then staking the obtained liquidity tokens on Blockade Games CEO Marguerite deCourcelle announced this new financial gaming product over the weekend.

Details about the Neon District assets have not yet been revealed. However, most likely these digital assets will be wearables for characters inside the role playing game. Every characters consists out of six unique NFTs: head, body, legs, arms, weapon and core. In addition deCourcelle wants players to be able to even stake a wrapped game character and earn COIN for doing so in the future. CRED can be used in an in-game store to obtain unique items.

COIN is a social token that ties to Marguerite deCourcelle and her work for Blockade Games. As CEO of the company she’s the brainchild behind projects like Metaboss and the upcoming cyberpunk role playing game Neon District. COIN will also tie into the lore of Neon District itself.

COIN ETH liquidity pool on Uniswap

In order to earn more COIN and CRED, users need to go to Uniswap. After obtaining COIN, users need to provide liquidity. They do this by adding both COIN and ETH to the COIN-ETH liquidity pool. A liquidity pool allows a trading community to exchange their COIN for ETH or ETH for COIN. When you add to such a pool, you’ll get a certain token in return. In this case users will get COIN-ETH Uniswap V2 liquidity tokens.

After that, users need to stake these tokens Staking is basically the equivalent of putting on the bank. In real-time users will earn COIN and CRED tokens. Every month 10 thousand COIN and one million CRED will be split between all users who stake their tokens. “It will be the only way to obtain CRED, a token with exclusive privileges to the CoinArtist NFT ecosystem”, token founder deCourcelle wrote on Twitter.

At the moment investors have staked 70 percent of the total supply of COIN into the liquidity mining pool. One token is 1.66 dollars in value, and according to Coingecko there has been 369 thousand dollars in trading volume in the past 24 hours.

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