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Life Beyond Closing Founder Key and Jacket Mints

Life Beyond concept art

Life Beyond announced that they will be closing the mints for their Founder Keys and Agent Zero Jackets on March 17th. After that, they will never sell these specific NFTs again!

As Life Beyond prepares to move forward with their 2023 development plans, they have decided to close down the minting of new Founder Keys and Agent Zero jackets. On March 17th, both sales will close and players will no longer be able to mint new copies of these items.

Founder Keys are the original game NFT, and provide numerous benefits to owners. Players with Founder Key NFTs are considered game VIPs and receive access to exclusive developer chats, special airdrops, first access to future mints, invites to all alpha and beta tests and events, a free Agent Zero Jacket, and more! If you think that you will be a long-time player of Life Beyond, or that Life Beyond will have some success, then you might want to consider grabbing a key while you can. Most game developers are pretty serious about rewarding their early backers!

As for the Agent Zero Jackets, these are in-game wearables that also provide out of game benefits such as staking bonuses and priority access to future events and mints.

Jackets cost $135 (USD), payable in a variety of different cryptocurrencies. Founder Keys cost $149.99 (USD), with the same selection of payment options. In addition, when you mint a Founder Key, an Agent Zero Jacket is automatically dropped into your wallet!

You can actually pick up both items for a cheaper cost on Open Sea, but purchasing a Founder Key from the secondary market won’t provide the bonus jacket.

2023 roadmap for Life Beyond

What is Life Beyond?

Life Beyond is a free-to-play, play-and-earn, FPS-style MMORPG with a third-person view. In Life Beyond, players are citizens of the Dolos Planet, an alien world around a distant star. During the first alpha, players worked to clear and defend land for the first settlement. In the way are a lot of hostile wildlife, many of them similar to giant, alien roaches!

The game follows the lore, with reasoning for the alpha events and shutdowns written in as part of the storyline. Players go on solo or group Missions for experience and rewards. But while doing so, they also help contribute towards larger, community goals which open up new events and prizes.

Players have four classes to choose from, each with a different weapon selection. Try them out on solo missions or sign up for group missions to receive greater rewards.

Life Beyond ran several alpha playtesting events during 2022. Expect to see more alpha and beta releases in the near future. If you want to participate in these early gameplay openings, you will need one of the four keys, all of which are available on Open Sea.

To learn more about Life Beyond, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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