Introducing GamerGains’ First Closed Beta

GamerGains Closed Beta

After raising $5.8m from top investors, GamerGains confirmed the upcoming release of their $GAMER token and initialized a first closed beta for their platform.

Gaming on the blockchain can be quite repetitive and less interesting than traditional gaming on consoles and PC. GamerGains spotted a market opportunity and decided to bring together all the already-popular games and turn them into play-and-earn opportunities.

The newly released closed beta will let players taste the potential of $GAMER. Players can earn the token by participating in a multitude of activities on the platform, such as Challenges and Gain And Go’s.

To join the waitlist, head over to the official website and enter your email address! Some codes will be awarded to the most active Discord users.

What is GamerGains

GamerGains enables players on conventional platforms like PC, Xbox, and Playstation to make money by playing the games they already enjoy while earning $GAMER and stablecoin. 

Players are not limited to two or three games but have of the 10 most famous and enjoyed games available at their disposal. Available games include, but are not limited to:

  • Apex Legends
  • CS: GO
  • Destiny 2
  • Dota 2
  • Elden Ring
  • Lost Ark
  • Rainbow: Six Siege
  • Rust
  • PUBG
  • GTA V

Gamers Gains Provide challenges in games to users which are similar to the in-game quest systems most of them feature. Users can opt for game-specific challenges and completing those challenges will result in earning the native crypto token $GAMER. 

The first challenge for the beta version will be time-based. To access it, players must link their steam account, accept the challenge, and play one of the supported games for a certain period. After the completion of the challenge, the user will get awarded in our native crypto.

Gain and Go

With a discord community of over 40,000 members, The studio has to make sure to fulfill as many different gaming preferences as possible. After hearing the community out, one of the most demanded games is CS: GO. 

In response to that, the developers have built Gain and Go, which revolves entirely around the notorious FPS shooter game. The team bought and optimized servers around the World to run multiplayer arenas. 

Within these servers, GamerGains worked with top CS:GO players & experts to create a custom deathmatch game mode that will reward our users with $GAMER tokens every time they get a kill.

The Gain-and-go is going live later this year after some more battle testing. It will be a completely new way to earn tokens while enjoying your time online.

GamerGains Tokenomics

GamerGains Value Flows

GamerGains worked with tokenomics-expert Republic Crypto to make sure the tokenomics is future-proof and rewards a fair amount to players. The team battle-tested the outcomes with projections of capital flow, emissions charts, and token burning rates.  enduring tokenomics that will future-proof the GamerGains ecosystem and economy, working on economic outlines, capital flow diagrams, emissions charts, token utility, and more.

The $GAMER token is released as a smart contract on Solana, and will be part of the single-token internal economy. There are no hints at a possible duo-token solution in the future, which means the $GAMER token is the sole component of their strategy.

This might mean GamerGains is not interested in turning into a DAO anytime soon, as that would require a governance token, or will simply opt to use the reward token as governance too. Although unpopular, the latter would be a fairly interesting test.

Distibution Structure for the GAMER token

The token will be allocated to blockchain active members through: 

  • Rewards and access-based competitions: some players may qualify for higher-stakes tournaments depending on their available tokens;
  • Auto-locked rewards: Unlike most staking mechanisms, tokens that are earned through engagement and winnings are accumulated into a personal vault immediately. Players can exit their position for a fixed fee;
  • Premine and Rolling Airdrop Rewards;
  • Premium Loyalty Points.

The token is not currently available on CoinMarketCap. A market valuation can’t be drawn at this point in time. A full breakdown of the tokenomics is available in their whitepaper

Wrapping Up GamerGains

GamerGains Platform Details

GamerGains is trying to succeed where many others failed, and hopes to do so by betting on computer games more than mobile titles. Similar platforms offering tournaments on popular web2 games didn’t achieve the desired success and have their token plummeting in value.

In the upcoming months, the team will prove the value of their solution. With a solid background in blockchain development and a tokenomics developed with a market leader, they might be able to ship what many will consider a new step in web3 gaming.

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