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Fableborne to Airdrop Primordial Essence

Fableborne Primordial Essence banner

Fableborne announced an imminent airdrop for Primordial Essence, a special currency that players can use to purchase NFTs from the upcoming Fableborne marketplace. But if you want to be in on the first wave of Essence airdrop, you need to own a Fableborne Primordial NFT, and set up your Pixion account by November 6th!

Fableborne recently completed another round of playtesting, with over 2800 hours of playtime from holders of Primordial NFTs! And now Primordial holders are about to receive another bonus, as Fableborne announces an upcoming airdrop of Primordial Essence, a special, in-game currency.

Primordial Essence will be used to purchase NFT items from the Fableborne marketplace (coming soon). In order to qualify for the Essence airdrop, users will need to own one or more Fableborne Primordial NFTs. You will also need to have created and linked a Pixion ID to your account. Pixion, the company behind Fableborne, is focused on merging web3 tech and ideas with eSports. Pixion IDs are free and easy to acquire.

The first Primordials snapshot will occur on November 6th, with the airdrop from that snapshot landing on November 15th. And it seems like this may be an ongoing thing, as transferring or selling a Primordial NFT will reset its Essence accumulation period. Rumors have it that we might get some more details on Monday (the 6th).

If you don’t already own a Fableborne Primordial, or just want to add to your collection, you can pick them up from Open Sea (current floor price is about 100 MATIC).

Fableborne Primordials

What is Fableborne?

Fableborne is free to play, play to own game that is a blend of action RPG and base building. Featuring an isometric viewpoint, Fableborne allows players to take to the arena themselves in multiplayer, asynchronous combat.

In Fableborne, players scout for new and bigger islands, build and fortify their bases, and unlock and upgrade the Echoes of slumbering Heroes to raid other player’s islands for resources. Built as a mobile first game, Fableborn is designed to feature quick play sessions.

Players start the game with a basic island and a common Hero. But not all resources are available on the starting island. So players will need to raid other player’s bases, and defeat PvE encounters to build up their own base. Echoes are playable characters, with a variety of skill and talent unlocks to choose from when leveling up. But, every time an Echo is defeated, they begin to fade. Enough defeats and that Echo can no longer participate in raids. However, players have the option of resetting a faded Echo, bringing it back to life with full energy but removing all levels and talents. The rejuvenated Echo does get an ability boost to help them re-level up.

And while players will be able to purchase NFT heroes, the Fableborne team wants to build a ‘fair economy’ where every player has the potential to unlock and own new heroes. Fableborne will include leaderboards and regular tournaments.

To learn more about Fableborne, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

Fableborne gameplay
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