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Animoca Brands Receives $20 Million in Funding for Mocaverse

Animoca Brands funding banner

Animoca Brands announced a new round of fundraising that brought in $20 million dollars to invest into the Mocaverse! More than just a PFP collection, the Mocas are a centerpoint of the future of Animoca Brands. And this funding round specifically devoted to the Mocaverse further proves that point!

The Mocaverse just wrapped up their scavenger hunt, allowing Moca owners a chance to search a grid map for Relics, each containing prizes ranging from game tokens to rare NFTs. And it seems like there is even a brighter future ahead, as Animoca Brands, the parent company, just announced that they have raised $20 million USD to focus on further developing the Mocaverse!

on the hunt for Relics in the Mocaverse
on the hunt for Relics in the Mocaverse

According to the official press release these funds will be used to “advance the Mocaverse project, including product development, facilitating Web3 adoption, and securing partnerships to expand the gaming, culture and entertainment ecosystem of Animoca Brands’ portfolio of approximately 450 investments in Web3 companies and projects.”

The Mocaverse centers around Mocas, a PFP, NFT collection. Aside from providing various perks such as whitelist opportunities and access to special events, Mocas can also gain experience. This experience can be used to acquire even more benefits and perks!

One announced, upcoming plan for the Mocaverse is the “Moca ID”. These IDs are a soulbound NFT collection that will function as a player’s ID and allow them to accrue loyalty points. It’s unclear if these points will replace Moca experience, or if it’s an entirely new and additional experience system.

In the words of Animoca, “loyalty points will power a permissionless and interoperable loyalty system that will be progressively decentralised to enable third-party adoption and integration of Moca ID, with the aim to advance the accessibility and growth of Web3.” Quite a mouthful!

The Moca Experience System

 Mocas earn experience points through a soft staking program, as well as by participating in DAO voting, special events, contests, and community rewards.

Each period for the soft staking program runs for one week. Earning points is simple. Hold a Moca and don’t sell, trade, or even list it. Each day that The Moca sits in your wallet is worth one experience point. So, if you have done nothing at all with your Mocas, you are already earning experience points! Various events on Discord on in games can be worth points as well. Watch their Mocaverse social channels for opportunities. In addition, Moca owners who vote on Moca associated DAO proposals earn points for their Mocas as well

The experience points accumulated stay with the Moca when it is transferred to a different wallet. However, at the end of each season, all experience points will be reset for the next round, allowing new owners a chance to join in the fun. Owners can visit the website to see how much experience their Mocas have accumulated.

earning experience for Moca NFTs
earning experience for Moca NFTs

What is the Mocaverse?

The Mocaverse is a web3 ecosystem made up of all the developers and companies that are under Animoca Brands or in which Animoca Brands has invested. Which is quite a large portfolio — over 450 projects! The Mocaverse centers around Moca NFTs, a limited edition, PFP style collection that offer lifetime rewards to their holders.

Animoca Brands has quickly grown into one of the largest players in the web3 gaming scene. They have a number of direct subsidiaries, such as The Sandbox, Darewise, and Blowfish Studios. The portfolio features many well known games including Benji Bananas, Life Beyond, REVV Racing, and Phantom Galaxies.They have also invested in Open Sea, Yuga Labs, Axie Infinity, and many, many more projects!

To learn more about Mocas and the Mocaverse, follow them on Twitter, join their Discord server, and visit their website.

To learn more about Animoca Brands, visit their website and follow them on Twitter.

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