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Trading Card Game Parallel Raised $50 Million Funding

Parallel trading card game NFT collection

The upcoming trading card game Parallel will try to find its audience using a science-fiction theme, and recently found financial backing. The developers raised $50 million to build their game at a $500 million valuation. Parallel taps into a fantasy storyline about humanity’s escape into space following an apocalyptic attempt to resolve the global energy crisis.

While we’ve seen plenty of trading card games on the market, Parallel manages to stand out. The game’s art style puts a focus on realism, unlike the fantasy drawings of games like Skyweaver, Gods Unchained and Splinterlands. They already did their first NFT drop in August, but that’s something that went completely under my radar.

Parallel is a sci-fi card game involving NFTs. The Parallel game uses digital collectible cards that players use to build a deck of cards. The game will come to desktop and mobile devices, but is still under heavy development. Players will need to collect a minimum set of cards to compose a playable deck, associated with one of the five Parallels: Earthen, Marcolian, Augencore, Kathari, and Shroud. Players can create more than one deck of cards, and play as any of the Parallels for each match.

So far the NFT collection features 353 NFT cards with the cheapest ones listed for 0.013 ETH. A series of so-called Parallel Masterpiece NFTs sold for hundreds of ETH each. The top NFT ‘Ashes to Ashes’ sold for 360 ETH two months ago. Each of these cards, or digital artworks, look gorgeous. Some more than others. Parallel isn’t a finished game at all, but the team does offer a special section called Paradox Beta. To gain access users need to Prime Key, which is listed on OpenSea for 18 ETH.

Despite getting funding to develop their game, the team will still organize NFT sales. In the coming days or weeks and in January the time will have another card pack drop.

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