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Alien Worlds Brings New Tools to the Outpost

Alien Worlds Emergence banner

Set to launch on September 12th, Alien Worlds Emergence collection brings ten new mining tools to players. The tools will only be available with NFT points and will have limited print runs!

A whole new set of tools lands soon in Alien Worlds. With some decent stats for mining and a limited print run, these tools are likely to be in high demand!

Known as the ‘Emergence Collection’, this set of tools brings ten new options to Alien Worlds miners. These range from the common Shiny Explosive to the legendary Ether Convertor.

All of these tools can be upgraded into Gold and Stardust versions by combining multiple copies. Rare and legendary tools can also upgrade into Antimatter versions. There are limited quantities of these tools available

Players will be able to purchase them through the Alien Worlds outpost, only by using NTF points. If you don’t have enough NFT points, then you’ll have to pick these new tools up from other players on the secondary markets. Players acquire NFT points by mining with tools that have NFT power. In a way, this makes these Tools a kind reward for their more dedicated players!

We don’t know the cost for the new tools yet, but the Emergence collection should be available in the Alien Worlds Outpost starting on September 12th, 2023.

You can see the full list of tools here.

Mining in Alien Worlds

Mining in Alien Worlds is free. Any player with a WAX account can equip a Shovel and start mining for TLM tokens. You can also purchase other NFT mining tools with increased power from secondary markets and in-game with NFT points (earned while mining).

Each tool and land plot has factors that affect the results This includes amount of Trilum mined, number of NFT points earned, and the cooldown before you can mine again. In addition to TLM tokens, players earn NFT Points when mining as well. These can be exchanged for Alien Worlds NFTs

What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is a mining-based game on the WAX blockchain. Players can own land, use tools to mine for Trilium (TLM), the game token, customize their avatars, and send ships on missions to earn TLM and rare NFTs. Players can also earn TLM through mining, and then spend the tokens to upgrade tools and weapons.

Alien Worlds recently introduced the first phase of Syndicates, a player run, DAO-based, planetary governance system. The DAOs put forth proposals to help grow and expand the Alien Worlds ecosystem. To keep up with all of the Syndicate news, check out the Syndicate Underground articles in the Alien Worlds Medium feed.

In a notable cross-chain reach, the Trilum token bridges the Wax, Ethereum, and Binance blockchains, allowing the economies of all three chains to merge into one. Players can transfer TLM tokens back and forth on the networks using the official teleport page.

Read more in our full Alien Worlds guide here.

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