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Alien Worlds to Increase NFT Rewards with New Tools

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Alien Worlds will introduce 6 new tools and 43 new artifacts as mining rewards for player mining efforts on the different planets. They will introduce these new tools as a way to balance the influx of new players and the available rewards. In addition the NFT artifacts will soon have more usability with the introduction of new game modes.

Artifacts will for example be part of quest objectives. These NFT cards can impact gameplay in several ways, as they can for example impact NFT stats. These cards will change the meta gameplay of Alien Worlds. In addition future Artifact NFT releases could obviously impact the meta once again.

For every mining session, players can find a maximum of one NFT card. The chance of a player finding an NFT, depends on two stages:

  1. The percentage chance of clearing the first step is determined by the combined luck percentages of the Tools NFTs, multiplied by the luck multiplier of the land you’re mining on.
  2. After clearing that first step, there are some probability calculations which determine which rarity of NFT will be given. However, there’s a chance that players will find ‘null’, in which case no NFT will be paid out.

How to claim your NFTs

Alien Worlds changed the way you can earn and claim your NFTs. This way they make sure you’re not using that many resources on the Wax blockchain. This new claiming process isn’t as smooth as the game interface itself. Therefore it’s probably useful to follow this small guide:

  1. Go to the Federation page on
  2. Login on the top right corner, using your WAX All-access wallet
  3. Scroll down, you will see a field titled “miner”
  4. Enter your WAX wallet address here
  5. Click ‘Submit Transaction’

What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is an exploration and mining game in which players can own land, use tools and weapons, customize their avatars, own rare artifacts and have minions to use in battles. The game world offers a full economy where players battle for resources and value. In the coming months they will introduce special missions where players can earn TLM tokens, in addition there will be a competitive mode called Thunderdome.

Players in this game world earn Trilium (TLM). This is a cryptocurrency token that bridges the Wax and Ethereum blockchain, allowing the economies of both chains to merge into one. Players earn TLM through mining, and can spend the tokens on betters tools and weapons. Landowners can also airdrop their own custom NFTs to players.

Once you own quite some TLM, you can stake this on a planet and vote in planetary decisions through their decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO. Players and planets all battle for TLM, resulting in competition and collaboration on different fronts.

Ultimately Alien Worlds needs to become a 3D game where avatars roam planets using tools to mine Trilium. Through terraforming, players should even be able to create events and parties on their own lands.

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