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Preview of Boss Fighters, the First Play-to-Earn VR Action Game Coming in 2022

Boss Fighters is an action game with a strong emphasis on VR technology and a player-driven economy with its own NFTs and cryptocurrency. Pixward games, the company behind it, promised a web3 experience that seamlessly integrates with VR tech in a way we’ve never seen before.

The team promised a project focused on exciting gameplay and a whole new approach to NFT Gaming. By allowing players to enjoy Boss Fighters either with their own PC or with a VR headset, Boss Fighters will provide an immersive experience for all. The project aims to close the gap between VR, PC players, and crypto enthusiasts by providing unique benefits and experiences for each audience.

What is Boss Fighters?

The idea of the metaverse has always been linked to VR, but now we have a play-and-earn project with NFTs that will take this technology to the next level. It will achieve this by providing exciting gameplay where 5 brave players will face an almighty boss with their NFT avatars! 

They will need to rely on agility to run away from the boss while shooting it down at the same time. The boss, also controlled by a player, will rely on its size and brute force to destroy the surrounding environment and smash fighters with its huge arms! Fighters will be able to play with a VR headset, PC, and at some point in the future, via smartphone. In order to play with the boss, you will need to have a VR headset! At the moment, the cheapest VR headset is the Oculus Quest 2 which goes for around $300.

Boss Fighters is currently under development and has an alpha release planned for Q2/Q3 of 2022, initially for NFT holders only.

Play-and-Earn in Boss Fighters

Boss Fighters will bring its own NFT Collection and cryptocurrency, and both will have their utility.

Let’s start with the NFTs:

  • Special Avatar
  • Owners can get free collectible NFTs as Boss Fighters metaverse expands.
  • VR Headsets will be raffled among lucky owners to join the battle on the VR side.
  • Early access to game builds, exclusive in-game features, bonus rewards, and other perks that will be announced later
  • Exclusive access to special tournaments with unique rewards and token prize pools
  • Community royalties treasury access (half of the royalties from secondary market sales go to NFT owners)

The genesis NFT mint will happen on the 22nd of April with the pre-sale 2 days before.

The native will be used to stake in certain pools in order to have access to more advanced game modes. The game will be free-to-play, but, in order to access these advanced game modes, you will need to grind your way up or you’ll have to buy tokens from other players.

Final thoughts

Boss Fighters is the first NFT game built as an action-packed asymmetric VR vs PC gaming experience. It is a fresh and innovative project on Solana, and, instead of copying some P2E model with a dual token economy, breeding and all the usual features we have in NFT Gaming projects, the team is crating a a unique game with their own signature.

Personally, I am eager to play as the boss with a VR headset and smash down some players using the surrounding environment to do so. It should be an epic experience!

If you want to know more about Boss Fighters check the video I recorded where you can see some gameplay and in depth analysis of the project!