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Explore the Star Atlas Universe With Sage Labs

Star Atlas Sage Labs banner

Star Atlas prepares to launch Sage Labs, a 2D web-based version of their game of galactic exploration, expansion, and exploitation. And while Sage Labs won’t have quite all of the systems from Star Atlas in place, it is a giant step forward towards active gameplay and a move away from their current, semi-passive staking system!

Star Atlas was forced to downsize recently. So it will probably be a while before we see the fully functioning, grandiose, 3D space opera game. But, in the meantime, Star Atlas is putting a large portion of the game economy into a real-time, MMO, web browser game called Sage Labs!

Sage is actually an acronym for Star Atlas Golden Era (SAGE). And in this ‘Golden Era’ players will be able to manage their ships, explore new star systems, extract resources, craft items, run quests, and more!

the Pearce C9, a capital ship in Star Atlas
the Pearce C9, a capital ship in Star Atlas

More About Sage Labs

Sage Labs will encompass 51 sectors, or systems, and all of the Star Atlas NFTs will be usable in game in some manner. Players will begin at a Faction Starbase and be able to meet up with other players at Central Space Stations. When assembling fleets, the stats of the ships and the type of missions being run will affect the outcomes.

Players will use up their basic resources (Fuel, Food, and Ammo) when they send their fleets out, creating a steady demand for those supplies. The game economy will run through the Galactic Marketplace, using ATLAS as the main currency. Sage Labs will also include a number of player craftable items as well.

Sage Labs is not just a chance for players to get familiar with the game economy. It’s also an opportunity for the developers to see what happens to their carefully crafted game loops and value formulas once a large number of players get hold of it! Sage Labs will also feed into a later release called Starbased, which will include 3D graphics.

The game is not free to play. You will need some NFTs and game resources to get started (and possibly some ATLAS tokens). The NFTs can be acquired from the Star Atlas marketplace for USDC or ATLAS tokens. Star Atlas and Sage Labs runs on the Solana network.

We don’t have a release date yet for Sage Labs. Watch the Star Atlas social channels for further details.

To learn more about Sage Labs and Star Atlas, you can visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Golden Ticket Event

Sage Labs won’t have quite all of the economic features in place to start. So, to patch up a not quite closed loop economy, Star Atlas will include a special ‘Golden Ticket Event’. This is broken into two parts, a redemption program, and a Golden Ticket raffle.

The redemption program offers players a chance turn in a large number of craftable items for high value prizes such as Claim Stakes and Central Station land NFTs.

To acquire a Golden Ticket, players must exchange one of every single craftable item in the game! These can then be used in weekly raffles (prizes to be announced).

By holding this event, Star Atlas creates an artificial demand for all of the crafting items while they finish building out the actual systems that will make use of them. A very wise economic move!

crafting items in Sage Labs
unfinished crafting chart for Sage Labs
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