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Signups Open for Metarush Closed Demo

Metarush banner closed demo 2

Myria Studios gears up for their upcoming closed demo of Metarush, a Fall Guys style, competitive, wacky, racing game. With various power-ups that players can pick up during races, Metarush also brings some Mario Kart vibes to their obstacle filled racecourses!

Metarush is the first game developed by Myria Studios. They already held a first closed demo earlier this year, and now they’re ready for another go!

We don’t have a specific date for this demo, though it is slated to open sometime in early September. Anyone can apply to join the demo by filling out this form. They also encourage all participants to provide feedback on the game. The Myria team is very interested in involving the community in the game development from the early stages.

This upcoming demo will feature a new level (bringing the total to two) and updated obstacles. The first level has seen some polish as well.

The Myria team says that they plan to have a number of community contest events soon. Follow Metarush on Twitter and keep an eye out for more details and announcement about the first of those events.

What is Metarush?

Metarush is basically a web3 version of Fall Guys. Each match is a race with many obstacles along the way, many designed to knock players off the course and out of the match. Each match features a series of racing rounds, each one progressively more difficult, until finally, there is only one player left standing. Players can customize their character’s appearance. There will also be power-ups found during the races such as speed boost and double jump.

Metarush will include a number of cosmetic skins and items as NFTs. Metarush is still in the early stages of development and we don’t have any details regarding their NFTs or any play and earn opportunities.

To keep up with all of the latest happenings in Metarush, be sure to follow them on Twitter. You can also visit the Metarush game page to register for the newsletter.

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What is Myria?

Myria is a layer 2 (L2) layer for Ethereum focused on web3 gaming. Myria uses ZK roll-up technology to bring high transaction speeds, zero fees, and free NFT minting to their chain. They already boast over 250 projects in development such as Moonville Farms and Qorbi World. Myria uses their own token, MYRIA, which is an ERC-20 token available on a number of exchanges. They also use their own layer 2 wallet to facilitate their zero gas fee system.

Those who want to invest in the Myria ecosystem can purchase and run nodes to receive daily payouts of MYRIA tokens, voting rights, and exclusive NFT drops. Current price for a Myria node is about $4500 USD.

They spun off Myria Studios to develop games for the Myria blockchain. Metarush is the first of those.

To learn more about Myria, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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