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Open Campus Free Genesis NFT Mint

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This free, Genesis NFT mint from Open Campus is the beginning of a push to bring web3 technology to educational content while funneling the revenue directly to the teachers and creators who make the content. The mint window for these Silver Notebooks and Golden Backpacks from Open Campus will only remain open until June 29th.

Blockchain isn’t just for gaming and pretty pictures. We’ve seen a growing segment devoted to musical distribution and now we have Open Campus, an organization seeking to bring educational courses to the blockchain while rewarding those who can create the most useful content!

Over the last few months Open Campus has been holding a number of contests and giveaways through partners and their social media channels to rewards spots for this free, Genesis mint. You have to be on the list to make a claim. But since the mint is free and doesn’t even require a gas fee, it’s worth checking out if you think there is a chance you might be on the list without knowing it! You can check your eligibility for the Genesis NFT mint and make your claim on

Open Campus rewards waiting to be minted
Open Campus rewards waiting to be minted

What are these Genesis NFTs?

These Open Campus Genesis NFTs come in two varieties — Golden Backpacks and Silver Notebooks. The total collection consists of 5,333 Silver Notebooks and only 1,333 Golden Backpacks. Holding these NFTs puts you on the allowlist for an upcoming Publisher NFT sale, provides voting power on DAO proposals, and can boost revenue from Publisher NFTs that you hold.

If you’re not eligible for the free mint, these Genesis NFTs are available on secondary markets.

In addition to the NFTs, qualified participants also receive an airdrop of EDU tokens. They can choose to take those tokens now, or leave some or all of them locked up in order to earn Publisher NFT credits, used to get a discount on the upcoming mint for their Publisher NFTs. The Publisher NFT sale will only accept EDU tokens and credits.

Publisher NFTs are the central core for Open Campus. These allow educational content creators to publish their games as NFTs and sell them to others who are interested in promoting the content and sharing part of the revenue stream. This way, creators can focus on creating, while those with PR skills can invest in a course they like and handle the marketing side of things.

What is Open Campus?

Open Campus is a project seeking to lower the barrier for education while also allowing teachers to receive ongoing revenue by creating engaging and useful, educational courses. Open Campus is partnering with Tiny Tap, an Animoca Brands company who is already bringing educational gaming to a device near you!

Users create games via the Tiny Tap game maker, which offers an easy to use, game creation interface. Creators then group these games into courses and sell them through the Tiny Tap platform. Open Campus is taking things a step further. They will enable users to take these Tiny Tap courses and convert them into NFTs for sale to others! As the course receives more usage and earns additional revenue, half of that income goes directly to the creator, and half to the NFT owner. This creates an incentive system for the NFT owner to promote and publicize their courses.

To learn more about Open Campus, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

infographic for how Publisher NFTs will work
infographic for how Publisher NFTs will work
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