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Blast Royale Free Mint March 27th

Blast Royale Corpos banner

Another mobile game enters the web3 gaming scene as Blast Royal prepares to hold their first NFT mint. Known as ‘Corpos’, these NFTs from Blast Royale are PFPs with ongoing utility that also function as in-game characters.

Blast Royale prepares to hold a free mint for their Corpos NFTs. It’s probably too late to get onto the whitelist for this sale, but there is a chance for public mint. The whitelist sale begins at 5pm UTC with the public sale opening two hours later. The mint will be held on Magic Eden at

Free mints are an increasingly common tactic developers are using to reward and attract early supporters. However, with a free mint, there are often not enough to go around. And that might very well be the case here!

There will only be 888 Corpos NFTs. Those on the OG whitelist are guaranteed a mint provided that they don’t wait too long. The FCFS whitelist is over subscribed, so it may be that no available NFTs even make it to the public sale. And if they do, there will certainly be a rush to grab them as soon as the public mint opens!

Corpos holders are considered early adopters. And generally, web3 developers try to provide additional value to these types of NFTs. Holders receive benefits such as discounts, priority access to future mints, and access to NFT staking. However, while Corpos should provide some nice out of game bonuses, they will not provide any in-game advantages. As game characters, their effect is cosmetic only. Playing with a Corpos NFT as a character will not affect the game balance.

The web3-enabled, mobile gaming selection continues to grow. And with Animoca Brands as a backer, Blast Royale is already off to a strong start.

What is Blast Royale?

Blast Royale is a free to play, mobile, battle royale style game with an integrated web3 market and plans for character customizations via NFTs. Players choose three items to equip, then jump into a hot zone where they try to stay alive, gather supplies, and defeat the opposing players! Blast Royale is a top-down shooter, with various special abilities provided by equipped items.

To keep matches interesting, rounds will sometimes have Mutators, or special rules that change the gameplay for that session. For example, a Mutator could provide everyone with extra speed or healing abilities.

Blast Royale will offer play and own features through a battle pass, crafting and event system. But to earn by playing Battle Royale, players will need to be competitive on leaderboards and in tournaments.

Players can already download and play Blast Royale now. The team plans to continue to build out the NFT integration, and eventually incorporate a player-run DAO system as well.

To learn more about Blast Royale, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

Blast Royale screenshot
Blast Royale screenshot
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