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Alien Worlds Releases Land Update

The Landowner Experience

Alien Worlds releases a new land update giving the community a new landowner experience. Now, the most engaged landowners will be rewarded for their dedication. Besides this, there will be more opportunities for interaction between Landowners and Miners through the new feature: Land Boosts.

Managing land just got way more interactive with the new update. Before, every land plot was getting allocated a determined amount of daily Trillium income. Basically, earning passive income.

But now the whole land dynamic has changed. The Daily Trilium Allocation for each land plot will depend on its rating. This means that not all the land plots will get the same amount of this resource. Now landowners will need to make sure that their land rating is high enough to continue to receive the same TLM income. This is where Boost Slots come in.

Boost Slots and the Landowner’s Dashboard

Now, each land plot will have 15 different slots for Boosts. Boosts increase the land plot’s rating, which will increase the daily $TLM pool allocated to that land plot. Land ratings decay over time, so landowners will need to maintain their rating with these Boosts. Boost slots begin locked, with the exception of the first. For land owners to unlock them they will need to spend $TLM. This will add further utility to Alien World’s token. Unlocking slots is permanent and will mutate the NFT and potentially make it more valuable.

$TLM required for each slot
$TLM required for each slot

Each Boost can then be given to a land plot either by its owner or by a miner. Every boost has a cost in $TLM and will be active for a time period of 25 hours.

Available Boosts
Available Boosts

Boosts are not just a temporary upgrade to a land plot. They are necessary for land owners to stay in business. As I have mentioned before, unlocking slots and boosting land plots increase their rating. But, on the other hand, not boosting land will result in a rating decay of that NFT. This was a smart move from the team to increase the demand for $TLM.

To manage their land plots, landowners have a brand new dashboard. Here, they can see how many slots are already unlocked for that land plot and also which slots have active boosts at that moment.

Land Management Dashboard
Alien Worlds Land Management Dashboard

To benefit holders who own rarer land plots, the % in the rating that each boost provides is further increased based on land rarity.

Land Rarity Boost
Land Rarity Boost

About Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is what is known as a ‘clicker’. It does not surprise me if we consider that it is a WAX project. All players have to do to ‘play’ the game is to select a land plot and click on ‘Mine’. Then they will have to solve a capcha and, after that, they will be rewarded with a small amount of $TLM. If they are lucky they can get an NFT as well. NFTs can be tools or assets to use in the Battledome, which is a game mode that was recently added to the ecosystem.

Land owners set a percentage in their land, which is how much they get of all the $TLM extracted. Now boosts were added to the game, which makes the task of managing land a bit more dynamic. Alien Worlds also recently implemented player-run, DAO-based governance for their planets, which could lead to some interesting things in the future.

Personally, I think Alien Worlds is perfect for players who suffer from chronic insomnia or deep depression. Those who suffer from chronic insomnia will fall a sleep immediately as soon as the first capcha appears. Those with deep depression will get so bored that they will not feel any depressive symptoms for the duration of their gaming session.

Alien Worlds is one of the game’s with most ‘users’ in WAX they say, but the truth is that the project has been crawling with bots since day zero. No one wants to solve a capcha every 5 minutes to get 0.001 cent of a dollar in $TLM. But that is just my opinion.

If you want to know more about the project read our full guide.