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Train of the Century Releases Run Mods Update

Train of the Century Run Mods Update

Train of the Century is a WAX blockchain-based game where players trade NFT cards of Trains, locomotives, railcards and own and manage different kinds of trains and send them traveling between cities. The developers of Train of Century have announced the addition of a new tab to the in-game market called Run Mods. Run Mods are NFTs that increase the mod-specific attributes for a train run.

Run Mod update went live on September 2, 2022. The First Run Mod Weekend was held on September 3rd & 4th. 

What are Run Mods?

Run Mods are NFTs that can be used only once and impact the attributes of a Rail Run. The Run Mods can be acquired through limited sales and bought from the in-game marketplace using Tocium token. The Run Mods can only be used when a train is in transit, and once the Mod has been confirmed, it burns the NFT and can no longer be used. Therefore, for every Rail Run, only one Mod can be used.

The Run Mods can be accessed only after a train dispatches, and you can view a “+” button and ETA indicator on the left side. On clicking the “+” button, you will be directed to the Run Mods menu. Here you can select and burn a Run Mod to increase attributes for that run. There are two types of Run Mods, Essences and Summons. 

Train of the Century Run Mods

Essences and Summons

The Essences are magical dust sprinkling upon the moving trains, enhancing attributes. They can be used to modify the Luck and Speed attributes. Essences can be bought using Tocium tokens and have a specific prize depending on size. The prices of Luck and Speed Essences are:

Luck Essences:

  • Small – 5% Boost – 10,000 Tocium
  • Medium – 12% Boost – 22,000 Tocium
  • Large – 20% Boost – 38,000 Tocium

Speed Essences:

  • Small – 5% Boost – 1,200 Tocium
  • Medium – 12% Boost – 2,600 Tocium
  • Large – 20% Boost – 4,500 Tocium
Train of the Century Run Mods Essences

Summons are another type of Run Mods. Burning a Summon NFT will guarantee an encounter with the Summon’s NPC. The different types of Summon NFTs are The Stranger, Mechanic, Otto, Thomas, and Commodity Culprit. 

The Stranger and Mechanic NFTs have a price of 1000 Tocium, Otto costs 15,000 Tocium, and Thomas and Commodity Culprit costs 250,000 Tocium. The Stranger is used to replace an empty Century Vial with a full one. The Mechanic is used to repair the train while it is running.

About Train of the Century

Train of the Century is an NFT trading card game based on Trains, locomotives, railcards, and much more. The game runs on the Wax blockchain. In the game, you will need a train and a conductor, along with Tocium, the official currency of Train of the Century, to purchase fuel.

Players earn Tocium by delivering goods to various stations on the map. You can collect cards and build your train. After buying a train, you can load cargo or passengers and depart. Station owners will receive a percentage of the cryptocurrency that a player earns for every trip from one station to another. You can profit in the game by calculating and loading supplies based on distance and fuel.

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