Winamp Now Supports NFTs

Winamp Now Supports NFTs

On December 6, 2022, Winamp released its latest Windows desktop version, 5.9.1 that now supports NFTs. The new version aims to lower Winamp’s memory footprint, improve security, and listen to new music formats. These improvements have given listening to music a major web3 upgrade. Playing audio NFTs will be simple and seamless with Winamp as more artists offer their work in NFT format. 

Amping the changes

Music fans can connect their Metamask wallet to Winamp using Brave, Firefox, or Chrome browsers using the most recent version of Winamp. Additionally, the platform works with Polygon and Ethereum, supporting ERC-721 and ERC-1155 audio and video files. As a result, the 83 million Winamp users worldwide will be able to incorporate these audio files into their libraries and playlists the same way they would with any other kind of music file.

“The genesis of Winamp has always been about accessibility and innovation, and today we are proud to launch the very first standalone player reading audio NFTs, as well as any other existing formats. This new version of Winamp allows people to listen to any file they want, using a player they already love.”

– Alexandre Saboundjian, Winamp CEO

Winamp’s player will soon become a universal and advanced listening library by integrating NFT support with several other important updates. Using the player, music fans will be able to bring their scattered experiences into a single, great-sounding place. In addition to these enhanced player features, a feature-rich creator service will link artists and fans directly.

“Winamp was a key part of the first digital music innovation when mp3s changed the way we listen and enjoy music. Now we’re supporting the leading edge of the next one, as more and more artists explore web3 and its potential.”

Alexandre Saboundjian

Winamp says it will combine NFT support with other updates to make it a universal and advanced listening platform, including a cross-platform creator service. The launch of the cross-platform service is planned for early 2023.

Winamp 5.9.1 Version

Music NFTs are not something new. Justin “3LAU” Blau, a musician, entrepreneur, and music NFT enthusiast, also launched the Royal NFT marketplace last month. On this platform, when a collector wants to invest in songs or albums, they receive a token showing a percentage of the music’s streaming rights, among other benefits.

Winamp’s Fanzone feature to support artists

Through its Fanzone feature, Winamp provides a special means for artists to connect more deeply with their followers while allowing creators to get profit from a recurring monthly membership.

This feature helps you to create content not because it’s popular and will help you get playlisted, but because it matters to you and your audience. You can create many subscription tiers and specify the unique rewards your followers will get for each tier. Then, take advantage of a direct and individualised method of communication with them to create deeper connections. Music, Podcasts, Streaming radio services, and Audiobooks; any type of content provider can access Fanzone. Create unique connections with the artists you like or receive direct help from the supporters that mean the most to you.

About Winamp 

Winamp has been redefining music listening since 1997, creating a new space for fans and creators. Over 3 million people downloaded Winamp version 1.0 in 1997, paralleling the growth of MP3 (music) file sharing. On September 8, 1998, Winamp 2.0 was released. After the version 2.0 release, it became one of the most downloaded Windows applications.

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