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Introducing Reta Wars – the Battle of Gods Lands on the Blockchain

Reta Wars is a new strategy game developed by Realital. In Reta Wars, NFT Heroes battle for the supremacy of the battlefield in epic, large-scale war simulations.

What is Reta Wars

Reta Wars is a new Game-Fi with elements of strategy to foster and deploy key NFT assets. The goal of the game is to upgrade your weapons, heroes, and territory to compete in the Reta War.

Each new player will need at least one NFT Hero to play the game. The team has no intention to provide a free-to-play entry, as they deem this necessary to maintain the long-term sustainability of the project.

When starting a new game, all players will receive a Territory. All land is distributed equally, and there’s no land play on the horizon.

Players will need to harvest materials to prepare for the big daily war. By taking advantage of the territory, you can gain Iron, Lumber, and Food. These resources can be used to upgrade buildings, craft weapons, or support the country they belong in the territory.

Reta Wars is just the first title in the Reta Metaverse, and the team already has more games in the ideation phase.

Reta Wars Gameplay

The main Gameplay of Reta Wars will be competing in the daily War.

The Reta War is a large-scale war simulation between Gaia and Nate (the two countries) Gods wanting to compete to become the God of the Gods. Reta Wars are the biggest P2E content of the game, and as a result of the battle, players will earn Gold Rose tokens.

The event will happen daily between two countries, and players will be able to choose the one they want to fight for.

Take a look at their first trailer:

Supporting a country works like in the real world. In order to support a country, you will need to provide resources from mines, lumber mills, and farms. Each production facility will display the amount of resources players can supply until the daily Reta War supply is reached.

The amount of resources you can supply to the country is three times the production per hour. If you have 8 hours to spare until the end of supply, you can supply 24 hours’ production at one time. If you have 2 hours to spare until the end of supply, you can supply 6 hours’ production at once.

There’s a cap to how many resources you can keep in your storage, to prevent people from collecting resources without using them. 

Heroes Presale

The team already started a pre-sale for NFT heroes, and you can get yours here. The game is in development, so you won’t be able to play immediately. However, you can stake heroes to gain $RETA.

Pre-sale NFTs can be purchased with $BUSD. A total of 10,100 heroes will be distributed during the pre-sale period. 100 heroes will be used as referral rewards, and 10,000 heroes will be sold to Pre-sale participants. The pre-sale will end when the 10,000 Heroes are sold out.

All grades and abilities are randomly generated when purchased through the shop. If you get a hero you don’t want, you will be able to get tone you prefer through others by trading in the upcoming marketplace.

The Heroes start with a value of $200, and the price increases little by little as the remaining quantity decreases. The final price when all stocks are exhausted is $500.

A player can purchase one hero per transaction, and can have up to 100 heroes. This is to prevent damage caused by sudden price increases and to give all players an equal chance.


Reta Wars runs on the Binance smartchain, and has two main currencies: $RETA and $RWG (Rose Gold).

$RETA is the governance token of the game and the Reta Metaverse. $RETA token holders can trade NFTs to enjoy the Reta Wars game, or hold them for investment purposes. Alternatively, you can stake the tokens to get a portion of the fees generated by the game.

The Reta team issues a total of $100,000,000 $RETA under transparent and codified rules. The 15% allocated to the team will have 5 years vesting period, and the quantity will be locked for the period without an immediate release procedure. This will safeguard the token from sudden changes in value.

NFT Heroes acquired through pre-sale will be allowed to earn $RETA by staking. 2% of the overall token allocation will go towards early adopters.

Holders of the $RETA token will also get a portion of all in-game fees related to harvesting, special rewards, and transactions in the NFT Marketplace.

In-game events will reward users with the Community Token: Gold Rose ($RWG). Like $RETA, it runs on the BSC chain and it’s designed to make it easier for new players to start.

$RWG can’t be bought or traded for $RETA, but you can buy it on decentralised exchanges such as Pancakeswap, or provide liquidity for it to get an LP percentage.


Reta Wars’s firm stands on avoiding free to play, and a reasonable entry price, makes it a great opportunity to join in early. 

Early holders and stakers will get a significant proportion of the token allocation pool, and the team has a long-term vision of redistributing almost all the profits to players in some ways or another, either through RWG (in-game rewards) or additional activities in the Reta Metaverse.

In conclusion, Reta Wars is an ambitious new project, and we’re excited to see what the Realital team will come up with later. However, it’s important to note the project it’s still in the early stage, and it could take up to 6 months before we see Reta Wars become a reality.

As always, we suggest you take your time to skim through their Whitepaper and learn about the game by interacting with their community on Discord

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